Chapter Thirteen

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I stared at the empty space of the bed beside me since I woke up the morning. That was the last night I'll be sleeping with him because after the war he'll start sleeping in his office or somewhere, specifically at my old house.

The maid who walked so silent entered the room with a basin of water. I found out that her name was Evie and the other new maid was Nadie.

After cleaning my face she helped me dress, a very seductive dress. My bosom was much revealing than the other dresses that I usually wore. I remembered this buying for the sake of getting Nik's attention, but the old me only received a quick glance.

     "Is there something more plain in the closet," I said watching myself. Dear lawrd, I looked gorgeous. The curves of my body hugged perfectly by the dress and small bump of my stomach was visible and I really love that.

     "I'm afraid not, m'lady." She guided me to the stool and started braiding my hair. "And most of your dresses are too small for your current body." In other words, I was getting fat. Well, it's perfectly natural for a pregnant lady like me.

     "After I ate my breakfast prepare the carriage. We'll go to the market," I said. And walked towards the door. "And Nadie will come too."

      When I arrived at the bottom of the stairs someone knocked at the front door. Since there were no servants around I opened the huge deep brown door and immediately shut the door with a bam.

     She shouldn't be here. I must have seen wrong. I opened the door again and there she was, not an imagination.

     "Lily, you came to visit," I said. Catherine's translation, what the fuckery are you doing here?

     "Did you purposely shut the door on my face?" She asked, tears forming on her eyes. "Did I do something wrong, sister?"

      Before she could start crying with that fake tears of her I said, "Of course not. There's a cockroach on the door so I had to close it before you could see it. I know that you're afraid of them."

     Even though my statement was bullshit as her face I know that Lily would fall for it. I remembered the old me planned to scare her with cockroaches but my scheme backfired. Because of me Nik and her kissed while I was hidden watching, eventually Nick found out I did that.

     "Oh thank the gods, I thought you're afraid of me," she said dubbing her formed tears on her eyes. "Thank you, sister, for not letting me see the cockroach or else I might pass out." She smiled at me brightly.

      Did she just said 'afraid of me'? Or was I hearing things?

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