Chäpter Tën

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Evangeline's P.O.V

I winced as Faith pulled the strings to my corset, the horrid contraption contracting on my torso with a painful squeeze.

The section around my ribs tightened and almost took my breath completely, before she pulled them again. This time, any air that was left in my lungs was expelled from my chest and I clutched onto the solid post of my bed, my head lowering to press against the wood.

Faith was my new maid, her fiery red hair helping me to separate her from the hundred other maids I'd had this year.

She was very headstrong and quiet, her opinions always showing openly on her face, even when her lips were sealed tight.

"There you are my lady. Time for the over dress."

I nodded softly, my breath coming in short pants as I held my hand up. "I-I...need a moment."

Whichever one Alexander had chosen must have required an extremely small waist, since my own waist was usually small enough that the corset needn't be pulled as tightly in my other gowns.

Faith nodded and waited patiently until my breath was caught and then she strode I er to me with gentle hands.

She helped me into the gown, the fine and smooth fabric sliding comfortably over my skin. Faith pulled it up and over my breasts before fastening it in the back with more laces.

I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. The corset seemed to be more for cleavage than waist size, since my breasts were lifted up nicely towards the top of my plunging neckline that dove all the way down to the top of my navel, the small slit showcasing a tan strip of my skin. The full and deep red skirt came in for the waist before flowing out in beautiful waves, elegant flower and swirling like designs etched into the surface. The sleeves hung off my shoulders and showcased my slim shoulders and neck, the dark red working beautifully with the tone of my skin.

Faith then had helped me into the black heels and  started on my hair, pulling it back into an elegant yet complex braid, small flowers layered in between the strands. When she finally finished, she moved forward and started on my face, applying powder to my cheeks and eyelids, before putting some type of black liquid on my eyelashes.

When I finally felt she was done, I moved to stand, but was quickly halted by Faith's hands on my shoulders. She shook her head and pushed me gently back in my chair. I sat back down only for my eyes to be attacked again. She drew around the edges with a black pencil and placed more power on the inside corner of my eyes.

Finally, she took a step back and nodded happily, a rare smile moving over her lips. "Beautiful, miss. I will fetch the mask."

I cocked my head slightly. "Mask?"

She nodded and bent inside my closet, her head and shoulder disappearing into the small room. "Yes miss. For the masquerade." Her voice was muffled before she then straightened and strode towards me, her plain blue gown swishing around her calves.

Masquerade? No one told me this was a masquerade. Must have been another change Alexander had made.

I turned to face my mirror and nearly gasped at the sight. My eyes were extremely dark, yet bright, the brown in my eyes popping brilliantly and my lashes lengthened to a beautiful length. The lines around my eyes made them seem larger and even more exotic. I loved it.

"M-my gods Faith! It's beautiful!

She smiled while a faint blush spread over her cheeks. "The eyes are the main sight showing miss. I had to make them entrancing."

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