Twenty - Six

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

I hit him with the candle stand but his grip on my waist was way too strong.

"Ow! Skylar, what the hell?" Caden hissed at me.

The candle stand fell from my hand in surprise.

"Caden? Oh God, I'm so sorry!"

He was probably about to say something but stopped and looked towards the lounge in alarm. I followed his gaze but saw nothing.

"What is i–" I was stopped midway when he placed his hand on my mouth with a glare.

That was enough to shut me up.

"Shut up for once, okay?" He whispered.

I nodded as he pulled his hand away.

"Is someone there?" I asked in a small whisper. Nobody could mistake the fear in my voice. He looked at me and then back at the front door.

"I saw someone in your backyard. Climbing up through the fence." He said.

I felt my heart racing.

"Someone with a hood on." He added.

My eyes widened in fear. Mom had told me to close the doors. She knew someone was coming.

"Where is he?" I whispered, looking towards the back door.

"I don't know."

I was relieved that he was here. I didn't know what I would've done otherwise.

The back door opened with a creak. Both Caden and I froze in our positions.

"Go and hide somewhere. And please, do not get out until you hear me." He said looking right in my eyes.

His hand around my waist loosened as fear clouded inside me. I didn't want to leave him. But I didn't want to stay here either.

However, I had no choice when something came flying towards our direction. In a swift movement, Caden pushed both of us down. I winced as I heard the object hit the wall. Looking back, I realized it was a sharply pointed knife.

From my own kitchen.

"I'm going to be sick." I whispered.

Caden looked at me with a frown. I saw the hooded guy coming towards us. Caden got up and swung a punch on his face.

I felt my insides lurch at that. I didn't want to see this. Sitting up, I crawled back as my heart raced.

The hooded guy was indeed a great fighter. That worsened the problem. He punched Caden in the stomach, as he fell back, crashing the glass vase. I stood up abruptly when I saw the hooded guy running towards me.

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