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PREVIOUSLY on Cutie Cutie Ghost Show:

* Anicentricity got dumped, got involved in a throuple, and got kidnapped and possibly killed

* Kessl8 made a valid point during sex with Qannen about Qynka not really being super present lately

* The Cute Boys met a girl named H8bunni in the Thornes, who introduced them to a Conspirasan-adjacent bro named Beastro, and they seem to be planning something

* A bunch of Qannen's friends died at High/Low while Daddy was yelling at her about Qynka not creating enough content

* Qynka had sex with a ghost and didn't leave her room for 2 days, which we can all related to

And now, EPISODE 05. In which:

* We go to the mall and create some f*cking content

* The Cute Boys finally reveal why they're here in Wood2 and what they're planning, but another one of them dies :(

* Epic & violent battle between Qannen & Qynka and the Superfine Trio

* A girl and her ghost are torn in two

* Anicentricity, strapped to a table, gets one more shot at stardom

PERSONAL BRANDS in this episode

Qannen & Qynka - queen bitches of the universe obvs obvs

The Superfine Trio

-Arkkelina - the positive one

-Anhedine - the funny one

-Azelbeth - the emotional one

- And their bitch from hell mother, Alikatase - the bitch from hell one

bingey_effervezent - your gorgeous host

Jexxica & Syklomeme - fandom friends of Q&Q's who only make a brief appearance in this episode but I'm pointing them out b/c they're important in Episode 06 okayyyyy

the [(void)] - the hot ghost who lives in Qynka's bed

The Cute Boys, or what's left of them anyway

-The one with the butt

-The one with the hair

-The one with the eyes

Beastro - idiot bro who sucks

Daddy - is daddy

Anicentricity - poor doomed sweetie

Anicentricity - poor doomed sweetie

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