Hiya Guys!

This is a new, but short, Zayn fic of mine that I will be putting up.

If you want me to put up the first chapter right now, just comment and I will :)

I just want to go over a few things. This book was one of my old Minifics that I wrote on my tumblr in 2012. I never finished it though and I think it's really cool to rewrite it again since I have learnt more about writing and how I write now.

This book is definitely a One Direction book compared to what I usually write that  typically has nothing to do with One Direction i.e Cold Trilogy.

So you will spot a lot of typical fanfic quotes as well, and I do apologise if it makes you cringe. Believe me, I was cringing while writing it but hopefully you can overlook that and give it a chance.

I really hope you can check it out !!

But yeah again, If you want me to post up the first chapter, I will do so happily :)


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