Chapter 71.

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"You've got a warm heart

You've got a beautiful brain

But it's disintegrating

...From all the medicine"

From all the medicine"

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I let go of an on edge breath as I stare back at Harry, feeling like he just punched me off my feet with those three words.

"You're sure? You don't have to do this, you have the choice Harry" I tell him.

He glances to the pool and back to me, clenching his jaw and just nods slowly in response, looking just like he does the night he wakes up from his nightmares.

I cup his face and bring his lips to mine, giving him the most comforting and reassuring kiss I can manage.

When I pull away, I smooth my thumbs along his cheeks "We can go as slow as you want, stop whenever you want okay? You're safe with me, I promise"

"I believe you" he murmurs, trying to swallow the emotion in his voice.

"Okay" I sigh out, dropping my hands and looking down to the duffle bag.

I lean down opening it, pulling out towels, and the change of clothes I'd brought, I only had his t-shirt and sweat pants at my house so that's all I could really grab for him.

I grab what else I brought, biting my lip as I stand up straight and hold them up to him.

He stares at the deflated yellow duck floaties, and back to my face as I smile at him sheepishly "These were all I had, if you wanted them... I think they're fitting though"

He just stares at me, waiting for me to explain and I shrug.

"I'm quackers about you"

I watch as his lips twitch, before he presses them together as a slow smile spreads on them and I give him a goofy grin.

"I don't think I'll be needing them" he says quietly, looking over my face and I nod, dropping them back on the bag.

"Better safe than sorry" I say, and he's just staring at the floaties on the bag, smiling and shaking his head.

At least I got him to smile.

"Can you swim?" I ask, not sure if he ever learnt how, and he nods while he blows out a tense breath "Yeah kinda, not well, stopped going swimming when I was 5 though"

"Well this pool isn't super deep, I think at the most it will only come to your chest at the deepest part okay? You won't have to swim" I assure him.

"Okay" he agrees, still quiet and looks stuck in his head again and looks at the ground.

"Hey..." I duck my head down to catch his eyesight, getting him to look at me "Really proud of you, you're gonna be okay Harry - I'm right here"

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