Chapter Nineteen

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     Body after body dies from his sword, leaving lifeless men on his wake. He killed and killed every enemy around him covering his black attire with warm blood.

Nikolai wanted to end this war quickly but it has been two months now after they marched to the battlefield. He didn't say goodbye to Lily nor went to visit her that day he went to the capital with Catriona, his wife. He thought of sending a letter to Lily but he just couldn't, he didn't understand why. Perhaps it's because of the war, a war that they had a small chance of winning.

This time they were clearly at disadvantage, Nikolai's men were thinning quickly after the clash with the Merlin Kingdom. They won't hold this much longer.

     Where is the second prince's and his soldiers, he asked in his head frustratedly.

     Nikolai moved quickly beheading the man in front of him. He didn't much look at the head falling on the grass and rolled and moved to his next target.

     He was busy fighting three men at the same time when another stepped in. The enemy was about to slash his back when a young man with brown hair blocked the attack and used another sword to quickly killed the Merlinian. The two attacked and defended like they were dancing, killing people after people with a smile on their face as if they were playing.

     "By the way, the second prince will be coming soon," Gabriel said panting.

     "How soon?" Nikolai asked as his sword clanged against a sword and quickly man's arm. He also was getting exhausted.

     "An hour I guess."

     With greeted teeth, he said, "Then we better stay alive for an hour."

     Every enemy that falls was for the kingdom and for Lily, his beloved. The person who he really wanted to marry, not her sister, Catriona.

     He didn't expect that Catriona would be pregnant after that night they mated. That mistake caused breaking Lily's heart and his too, the dreams that they both fantasize were gone. He begged Lily for forgiveness for a month until his wedding night.

     After the war, he plans to ask Lily to be his mistress but he knew she wouldn't like it and the church would be against it. But he didn't care, he loves Lily.

     A huge man charged, clashing against his sword with heaviness that made him stepped back. Through his peripheral vision, another enemy tried to sneak up on him, he dodged the attack but the huge man quickly took the chance and swung his ax. Nikolai flew on the ground after blocking the attack.

     Gab was immediately beside him covering him whoever tried to attack him. Nikolai groaned as he gets up, the fall was bad. He glared at the huge enemy.

The Merilinian smiled at him with intent to kill. "You're mine little man," the enemy said and charged without wasting a second. The large ax was coming at him.

Nikolai evaded the attack jumping and rolling far from the enemy. He quickly stood up. "I'll handle this, go take care of the others," he said to Gab who was about to help him. With a stern nod, he disappeared at the sea of two different kingdoms.

Nikolai rolled his shoulders and readied himself. Swing after swing of the ax he evaded and blocked making the big guy exhausted.

"Don't move!" The Merlinian roared angrily. He attacked faster that Nikolai had a hard time evading.

When he blocked the attack his legs gave up with his muscles screaming in exhaustion and he flew down again. Quickly the ax was already above him. He rolled over having an inch away from his death. He grabbed a pile of dirt thrown at the enemy's face. The Merlinian roared at the pain and was slashing everywhere not caring to harm his fellow soldiers. Nikolai stood up with heavy breathing, he then pulled a small knife. A dagger that was light but deadly with ancient words on it, a perfect weapon for Catriona. He threw the dagger precisely where he wanted it to be and it landed on his neck. The Merlinian pulled it out and threw it away, charging where the dagger came from he slashed at the air while Nikolai silently moved away from the dying man.

     Not noticing, an arrow flew. A sudden gush of pain jolted on Nikolai's lower right stomach. With muscles lost tension he fell to his knees, blood coming out of his stomach with an arrowhead plunged on it. Nikolai and the Merlinian soldier laid down to the cold grass, under the afternoon sun.

     His eyes fluttered before shutting them. He thought of Lily before he dies. But Catriona's face popped on his head, Catriona laughing at the dining room like he was telling a joke, a laugh he wanted to hear again in the bottom of his heart. The soft kiss she gave before he left the house. He regretted it more not kissing her back than not visiting Lily.

I'll wait for you, I love you.

     He heard Catriona's voice before darkness ate him.

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