Cover #2

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This Cover is for Evelyn_in_Wonderland

TITLE: Soulless Mates


AUTHOR: Evelynn Cross

SHORT SUMMARY:In a world were two soul mates share each others thoughts, what will become of the world when a kimd is discovered, those who don't belong, those who can love who they wish and if the one they love happens to be animus then will the lover in question risk happiness with their soul mate for a risky love with a Polyamory?

MOOD:Dark, mysterious

IDEAS: The three characters on the cover with the girl in the middle. The pictures in black and white in frontdof a black background



Awwthentic Note: I completely followed the user's idea as using pictures of 3 characters together leaves with  nothing much to try. Though. i gave it a grunge look so that it doesn't look like a simple black and white image. 

Feedbacks are Welcome.


Dated: 08/09/10

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