Strolling from the bedroom to the kitchen, Clem instantly was hit with the smell of bacon. Louis was walking around the kitchen, from the fridge to the stove and over to the awaiting plates.
Sneaking behind him, she leaned over his shoulder and whispered, "Boo."

The tall boy jumped at the sudden presence, then spoke "Jesus Clem, you could've killed me."
After calming himself, the two just laughed at the stupid situation.

Finally, breakfast was being plated up so Clem sat on a stool at the kitchen island.
"Breakfast is served." The boy announced, carrying two plates over to the kitchen island and placed one in front of the sat down girl, and one for him. Louis was stood up eating, going back and forth with his food and cleaning around the kitchen.

Only now, Clem realised that the boy ahead of her was shirtless. She didn't even realise that she was gawking at him, until seeing him smirking right at her.

Interrupting the silence, he randomly spoke "Do you like what you see or something? I see you gawking."

Blinking several times to compose herself, she replied "What?", Seemingly not understanding his statement.
Goofily, Louis raised one arm to pathetically flex his non-existing muscles and ended with a wink. The action caused Clem to loudly snort then laugh, holding onto the surface to ensure she wouldn't fall backwards.

Smiling to himself at getting her to laugh, he spoke again "I think it's time we get ready for our graduation."
Clem groaned, "I feel old now that you mention that." Covering her face with her hands, the girl realised they were basically adults.

Louis grabbed her wrists, moving her hands away from her face but still had ahold on her. "Sooner we leave and graduate, quicker we can come back here again in the evening."

She didn't need much more encouragement. She hopped off the stool and headed straight for the bedroom, leaving Louis alone again.
Louis crossed his arms, grinning happily to himself and shook his head at the action. He knew she was wanting to return to the beach house quickly, but for what reason? The views or to replay last nights events? Either way, Louis also wanted to return back to his parents simple beach house.


Later on in the day, and it's finally time for graduation. This was it, the final last step before finishing high school. The group of good friends would be released, and finally do their own thing. Maybe college, travel or go into the world of work.
Everyone had separate plans and their own dreams to begin chasing, and it began here. Today, in the hall of their soon-to-be former school.

Everyone was sat in the large school hall, including all senior students and their families. Louis's parents and baby sister, and the Everett family were sat next to them. It was Louis's idea to ensure the two families were combined, to let them "bond" as he called it.

"Clementine Everett." The headteacher called out, signalling that it was her turn. Show time.
Clementine was nervously strolling up the stairs, heading three stage and awaiting head teacher holding her diploma. She felt incredibly nervous about being watched by so many people, including close friends and family.

Louis stood up, also dressed in fancy clothes and clapping. He proudly announced to hundreds of people in the room, "That's my girlfriend!" Which earns a loud laughter to erupt throughout the large room.
He could see her face heat up, even though he was several rows back from the stage. He secretly felt smug, knowing that she was his girlfriend and he caused that reaction.

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