fakery tale

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so, this has self-harm in it. don't worry, it's not me. it's this story that I read. one of my favorites, actually. Girl in Pieces. yeah. I read it in 9th grade. I was a sick fuck back then.


"Little Charlie, you're a sick liar!"

they all say to me, and of course,

They're right, of course.

I wasn't taken to the attic and

forced down by his seemingly

indestructible hands, the liquor

from his beer and the powder from the drugs

still stained on my clothes.

I'm the liar in this equation,

liar, liar, liar, liar, liar.

The glass is coming closer to my skin,

One, two, three, four-

slash n' slash n' slash n' slash n'

Why am I doing this?

This isn't helping,

I know it doesn't,

but it feels so good.

Why does it feel so good?

five, six, seven, eight-

slash n' slash n' slash n' slash n'

I feel disgusting,

His hands on me

like a parasite, even afterwards.

His hands didn't belong there,

or there, or there, or there, or there.

Maybe if I cut enough skin,

pour enough blood out,

maybe I'll be cleansed, right?

Baptize me in the red water,

Just like what momma said.

nine, ten, eleven, twelve-

slash n' slash n' slash n' slash n'

My mind is in pieces,

I'm in pieces,

The glass is in pieces

so perhaps that is why I'm so

drawn to broken glass,

why I'm so drawn to just-

thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen-

slash n' slash n' slash n' slash n'

How long does it take for a human

to bleed out from self-mutilation?

I need to die faster, he can't see me,

or else he'll only hurt me more.

seventeen, eighteen, ninteen, twenty-

slash n' slash n' slash n' slash n'

Is it really this easy to die on my own?,

Salty tears are hitting the little lines.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts

but it'll cleanse me.

Twenty little strikes, vertically on the wrists

is nothing as long as I can escape this wretched place.

They did say that horizontal is for the hospital and vertical is for the morgue.

"Charlie, Charlie, open the door!" my best friend cries,

but I can't hear her anymore.

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