Twenty Five

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She formed a lightning bolt and threw it at him, but Ciro let it fly to the side, crashing into the wall. Bucky instinctively ducked as sparks flew out of the impact, having no clue what was happening. He mentally cursed at himself after patting his jeans because he lost his thermal glasses somewhere.

Both Eve and Ciro fought for control of the air, Eve to be visible and Ciro to be invisible. Ciro took steps towards her, then quickly throwing a punch at her face. As his arm was extended past her, she took a lightning bolt and rammed it into his side.

Ciro faltered in pain as Bucky saw flashes of Ciro doubled over and Eve running at him. Bucky raised his gun again, but they both soon vanished.

"Eve, tell me where you are," Bucky yelled through the sounds of Eve kicking Ciro across his face.

"Enough," Ciro demanded in a low tone and threw a gust of wind at her, slamming her against the wall. Her back hit the wall, then her head, instantly shooting pain throughout.

"Eve?" Bucky panicked after the large sound. Eve opened her eyes to look at him, seeing he doesn't know who is where. She weakly took a lightning bolt and smashed it into the ground next to her.

Bucky then ran over to her and reached out to touch her shoulder. He pulled her into him, his right arm wrapped around her and his left arm holding his gun out.

"Where is he?" Bucky's voice was venomous as he asked her.

Ciro now stood, stumbling slightly as he looked down at the two. For a split second, it looked like he planned something, before ripping open a large hole in the ceiling and flying out of it.

Bucky shot randomly but to no avail. Eve enjoyed being close to him one last time, pressing back into him, before a wind tunnel forcefully pulled Eve out of the room.

"Eve, Eve no," Bucky spastically tried as he reached out for her frantically, not knowing where she is.

"It was a little claustrophobic, no?" Ciro said just after Eve slammed into the ground, the force making her roll towards him. She shakily used her forearms to slow stand.

Eve then formed fire in her hands and began running at him, but Ciro pulled the guns from his waistband and shot at her. She dropped the fire and caught the bullets in the air.

Eve launched them back, but Ciro formed a wall of air, making the bullets crush in between them. While he looked at the bullets, she quickly threw her leg up to kick him in the chest. His arm met her leg before he punched her across her face. She tried to slash him with a lightning bolt, but he was also able to catch her arm.

Next, Eve swung her elbow, hitting his nose. It knocked him back as she formed an ice spear, launching it into Ciro's right shoulder.

He gripped his shoulder in agony, then noticing the gas truck parked along the street. Ciro formed a gust of wind, throwing Eve back down the street away from him. He then forced the truck up into the air, hurling it at Eve.

As Eve began to stand now visible and dazed from the impact, she looked up just in time as Ciro shot into the tank, causing a massive explosion on her. Bucky reached outside just in time, his breath catching in his chest in fear for Eve.

Eve threw her hands up, arms crossing in front of her face as she flinched back to shield herself, catching all of the fire before her.

She quickly redirected the fire at Ciro, but he sucked the air out of it to extinguish the fire before it even reached him. Bucky didn't notice Eve disappearing again, nor did he notice Ciro's movements.

Rage took over as Bucky pulled out two guns, rapid firing at Ciro, but he let every single bullet stop close in front of him. After Bucky emptied both clips, Ciro then smirked at Bucky, the look on his face letting Bucky know Ciro won.

Bucky lowered the guns as his eyebrows inadvertently furrowed in confusion at Ciro's expression. Suddenly, Eve appeared facing Bucky, right in front of Ciro. Bucky's heart dropped to the pavement as he almost threw up at the sight of her.

Eve stood, slowly swaying with her head hung, her hair draped over her face as she looked at her bullet-ridden torso. Eve's hands slowly rose to her stomach, soaking her hands in her own blood. She could feel all seven of the bullets inside her shoulders, stomach, and legs.

Bucky couldn't speak or move. He just stood, frozen, not being able to comprehend anything as he felt a wave of incredible guilt and sadness wash over him while Eve slowly looked back up to meet Bucky's eyes.

"You really thought you could beat me?" Ciro asked, a smug look covering his face as he spoke to Eve.

"There's a reason I'm two series better than you," Eve croaked out before her knees began to buckle from under her.

Three gunshots rang out in the abandoned street, each coming from a different rooftop. Ciro was dead before he hit the floor.

Meanwhile, Eve starting falling to the ground, but Bucky ran over to her, extending his hand out to catch her head just before it slammed into the pavement.

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