your favorite famous horror movie to watch

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-The Shining

-ofc it is a Stephen King movie, what'd you expect?

-it's really iconic, you both don't get scared easily but you like watching it because of how original it is

-yk REDRUM up in that b

-The Conjuring series

-tbh that might be the only horror movies that's SOMEWHAT scary imo

-he doesn't really like scary movies but you like watching them with him so he'll do it for you

-its also more fun knowing everything in the movies happened, well..not for him anyway

-The Omen

-this horror movie is lowkey underrated which is why you guys love it so much

-like a murderous little boy? Hell yes!

-you like watching it while eating a bunch of junk and lying all on each other

-watching the movie makes you wanna babysit kids for some reason

-Get Out

-this movie was made only two years ago and it was ADORED

-Wyatt likes movies that have been commonly liked and recognized for their amazing concepts, so Get Out fits

-you like older movies but this is the one newer one you'll watch over and over

-he likes how realistic it is too

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