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"bye! don't let anyone break in while i walk mim," i whispered to the fish as i walked out the door.

it was an average saturday morning. except my first saturday morning in my new house. nothing big. just a simple small home.

"are you sure you don't wanna come back to hawaii? the taxes there are too high," my mom complained, and she convinces me to come back home.

"ma, i'm doing fine here. don't worry about me. if i almost get broke, i'll move to portland," i laughed

"but LA is too harsh. you're basically living in a more expensive version of oahu," she babbles

"i'll be fine. once the semester is over, i'll come for vacation. love you. i'm gonna go now," i say to my mom before i ended the call.

after that, i went on a morning walk with my roommates dog, chi.

"chi, don't tell di that i'm bringing you to the park again." i laughed off, as chi walked with her small legs.

diana is one my lifesavers. i don't think i would survive a week in LA if it was not for her. she is like my 2nd mom in the making. since she is a tad older than me, she has graduated university, and got a well paying job. i knew her since high school, and she was part of government, so she taught me her ways. but we kept friends.

chi on the other hand was a surprise

5 months ago...

"so, i have someone you would like to meet," diana says in a babyish voice.

"i haven't seen you for a year. don't tell me you're pregnant. and you're gonna show me your baby," i said.

"well, nick and i just met a few months ago. i don't think i would have a baby. but i do have a baby," she said, and she pops in chi. "i would like you to say hi to chi!"

"hi." i smiled awkwardly, as i waved at the screen

"you're an aunt. and i know mid terms are not doing you well. but let me tell you, it gets better. but once you come to LA this summer, you can finally meet everyone." she blurts as i js stared at the dog. "oh and you can finally meet nick and the guys."


though i didn't want to go out today, i needed some air and sunlight.

we got to the dog park, and i was able to let the leash off of chi. she was well trained, so i didn't mind.

"don't go too far," i yelled at chi, as if she even understood what i said

as i walked an eye distance behind chi, i found a bench. i sat there and let my eyes off of chi for a little bit as i saw a text from diana.

"i'm gonna come home tomorrow." she texted

"why" i asked

"nick has a party at his place tonight. after work, i'm gonna go." she replied

"why have you never let me go to these parties?" i texted

"you are a child,"she answers.

"i've been in LA for a week already. i never met your boyfriend" i said

"soon." she texts

"also, don't forget to give chi a bath tonight." she said in voice messages

"yea. gotchu. but i better get some food tomorrow," i say back in voice messages

after that, i see that chi is gone. i zoomed up, to see just a bunch of other dogs. i ran to those dogs to find chi. she was no where to be seen

"chiiiii! where are you!?!" i screamed, as other owners looked awkwardly at me.

as i was about to cry since diana is gonna kick me out of her house for loosing her dog, i squat and put my head down. i didn't wanna go back to hawaii.

"chi, who are you with? did diana loose you? omg i wonder what nick is gonna think of this." i hear from a distance.

"chi?" i said to myself, as i looked up.

i saw chi. but chi was being held by a guy that seemed quite familiar. but i've never seen him before. but shot up, and ran towards that guy. but he was walking away with his own dog, so i thought he was taking chi away.

"omg chiiii," i screamed as i ran towards that guy. i really didn't know who this guy was, but i jumped him in order for him to stop.

"yooo! what is your problem?" this guy says, as he turned around, and dropped me.

"why are you taking my dog?" i asked.

"your dog?" he scoffed.

"not exactly mine, but it's my responsibility," i crossed my arms.

"well, if she's not exactly yours, then i might as well bring it to the rightful owner," he smiled, as he started to walk away.

"oh, so does that dog belong to you?" i asked.

"no, but it belongs to someone i know," he replied.

"what's the dogs name?" i questioned.

"chi. chia bonita. may sound odd but that's her full name. her owner is diana may castro," he clicks his tongue as he finished

"well, i know diana, and i was on the phone with her earlier for proof that she wanted me to take care of chi," i said, as i took out my phone for him to listen to our messages.

"look, this dog is my best friend's girl's dog, i'm not taking chances. you could be anyone. there could be a bunch of other chis. this girl is a purebred. so imma call my friend and we will see." he says, as he whoops out his own phone. "can you watch chi and simba for me, please?"

as i seemed so eager to walk away already with chi, he handed me the carrier, in which his dog was in. his dog was cute, but in the hassle to get out. i waited for this guy to hurry up, and i had a silly feeling i was gonna be raided by paparazzi with a celebrity nearby. then i see diana calling me.

"hiii sis," she says.

"someone took your dog away from me," i replied

"who? is it - wait. i gotta get back to work. maybe that's just zion. i guess the time has come. just go with him. he usually doesn't let things go. we all think he's just problematic. just like you sometimes. anyways, if you get to their house, imma text nick and he knows who you are. he'll know what to do. and on the long run you can meet the rest of the guys. okayyy, byeeee!" she rambled, right before she hung up.

i died a little in the inside when she hung up, but that zion guy was also finished talking to his friend.

"so i still don't know who you are. i don't know if i could trust you." he gave me a stink eye

"well? proof then. i just got off the phone which diana. she said that i might as well just meet the rest of you guys already. so, lead me the way." i smiled, as he gave off a pissed face.


author's note //

i wanted to try a little something different. i'm prettymuch now gonna have multi-fandom fanfics. tryna spread the diversity.

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