Chapter 18: A stray priest arrives! Kiba's backstory revealed

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When Y/n and the gang arrived at their house, Y/n opened the door as the others went in.

Kiba - You sure has a nice and decent house, Y/n.

Y/n - Thanks Kiba.

Then the gang sat down on the 2 large couches facing with each other.

1st couch - Y/n, Xenovia and Irina

2nd couch - Issei, Koneko and Kiba

Kiba - Could you please tell me why you hate our president so much?

Y/n - Gladly. *as he cleared his throat* It all started when me and Issei was about to die when the fallen angels attacked us. Later, Rias arrived and defeated them but before she defeated them, I died. But when she looks at me, her face is in complete disgust and revived Issei instead of me. I then vowed to myself that I will torture Rias and I did. Let me show you where I tortured her.

Y/n and Kiba the stood up as they went to a door that is beside on the fridge.

Y/n - This door leads to my torture chamber.

When you opened the door, it was dark and so you use your magic and created a ball of light as you and Kiba went downstairs. Then the both of them arrived and Kiba saw the tools for a torture, there is guillotine, large and heavy metal chains and so much more torture tools.

Y/n - This is the place where I tortured Rias.

Kiba - Ah I see. How did your house has a torture chamber?

Y/n - I asked God to create me a torture chamber and he placed it at the basement of my house.

Kiba - Now I understand.

Y/n - Let's go back up.

Kiba - Right.

Y/n and Kiba then went upstairs. When the both of you arrived at your house, you closed the door behind you as Kiba went to others to chat with them.

You then looked at the wall clock and it says it's 6:00 p.m.

Y/n - Well, it's 6:00 p.m. Time to cook our dinner.

You then grabbed your white apron and headband above the fridge, but when you look at the fridge, you saw that the ingredients are little in amount.

Y/n - Guys. You called as you remove your white headband and apron and placed it above the fridge.

All (except Y/n) - Yes, Y/n?

Y/n - I'm going to buy some groceries. Does anyone of you want to come with me?

Issei - I'll go.

Kiba -  Me too.

Y/n - Alright, what about you girls?

Koneko - Nah. I'll pass.

Xenovia - Me too.

Irina - Ditto.

Y/n - Then that settles it. Kiba and Issei grab 3 eco bags and we will do some grocery shopping.

Issei and Kiba - Right.

The two boys then grabbed three eco bags each and placed it on Y/n's large backpack.

The two boys then grabbed three eco bags each and placed it on Y/n's large backpack

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