Chapter Five

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I gawk at all the buildings we pass. They are all completely beautiful. So much different than the boring buildings back in my hometown.

These are much more intricate and elegant. My jaw never closes as I fall into a state of awe.

We finally pull up to the hotel I've agreed to stay at.

Hotel Eden.

Such a beautiful place. The pictures didn't give it any justice at all.

It looks more modern than some of the other building, and seeming pretty simple, but in a pretty way.

The outside was mostly yellow, but white at the bottom, but what catches my attention is what I see when I entered the hotel.

Red sofas, dark brown wooden tables, and tan chairs are places in the lobby, giving it an interesting look with the lighting.

Orangish-yellow panels shine brightly on the ceiling, providing the source of light in the room. A wall has the same decoration as the ceiling and seems to shine as well, but also appears to be used as shelves. A mirror is placed on the wall to the left, making the room look bigger than it had been before.

I just can't seem to close my mouth as my jaw drops once again. It is gorgeous and the detail in here is so different than what I'm used to. Absolutely stunning.

I step forward and notice the floor has a whole different design of its own. Everything here is so intriguing.

I jump a bit as a voice sounded from the right of me, which is an open area leading to another room.

Wait, is this a whole different lobby?

Are there two lobbies?


The other one seems more bright and simple with less chairs and sofas. I spot two sets off to the side containing one sofa and two chairs each, as well as two tables placed on either side of the sofa.

The panels on the ceiling seem to be of the same color as the other room, only provinding a much brighter light. The floor decorations are the same in there, though.

A voice breaks me from my admiration.

The feminine voice speaks in a language of which I'm assuming is Italian, but I have no idea what the heck she's saying.

My brow furrows, "I'm sorry, I only speak English." I say, feeling embarrassed.

She looks as confused as me, and my face drops when I realize she has no idea what I'm saying either.

I think for a second before pulling out my phone and getting on my Google translator.

Eventually figuring things out with the help of my phone, we manage to resolve the issue and she finds my reservation on a room.

I sigh, tugging my luggage along with the help of the rolly thingies at the door, and head to the elevator.

Just as unique as the rest of the building, the elevator was spacious and provides perfect lighting. This is totally my dream hotel.

Once I reach my floor, I refrain from allowing my jaw to drop, but can't help it when I scan my keycard and enter my room.

O. M. G.

It's so pretty here!

I study the calming room, the milky walls settling any nerves I gathered on my way here, and admire the carvings on the headboard of the bed, which sports plush pillows and comfy-looking comforters.

The vanity set off to the side has amazing details I've never seen before, and another mirror placed on the side covers a lot of the wall and is distorted at certain angles that enhances the beauty of the whole room.

The wardrobe off to the side is a mirror as well, reflecting more light into the room and has swirling gold decorations on the corners.

Everything about this room shouts brightness and has a soothing aura. Perfect.

This is exactly what I need.

I squeal, jumping up and landing on the beyond comfy bed. I sink into it and it seems to hug me.

"Oh my goodness. This is amazing." I whisper to myself, then start giggling like crazy.


After getting adjusted to my room, I decide to explore the hotel. It has so many different rooms, according to the map I'm currently holding in my hands.

I decide to make a right turn and come to a stop before entering what appears to be the breakfast room. That's what I'm assuming as I look at all the chairs and tables placed about.

Lights hang from the ceiling, giving a soft glow. It looks too...romantic to be a breakfast room. It looks like a place someone would take their partner for a romantic dinner.

The ceiling and walls are just a series of windows, allowing guests to see the sky while inside.

It is currently night, so I gaze up at the moon decorating the sky, as well as multiple stars shining confidently.

My gaze lands on a tree in the middle of the room. Yes. A tree.

What the flip?

Rome really has their stuff together. Way more beautiful than anything I've ever seen.

The next room I visit is much different than the last. Instead of being spacious, it's more confined and sports darker colors. Velvet red chairs and walls are decorated with low lighting, making this room more romantic than the last.

I tiptoe out, seeing a couple talking intimately with eachother. Oops.

Deciding that I'll explore more tomorrow, I head back up to my room to get some rest, even though I'd slept most of the 13 hours here.

Taking a quick shower, brushing my teeth, and putting on an oversized shirt, I dive into the neatly made bed and bury myself under the mass amounts of blankets, I cuddle with a fluffy pillow that's a lot bigger than a normal pillow, but not as big as a body pillow.


I could so get used to this.

Feeling more content than I've ever felt in my life, I relax for the first time in the past few weeks, and close my eyes as sleep takes me.

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