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Another Stupid Spell

by Bill Ricardi

Version 1.1: 'No Cost' - Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved

Book 1 of 'Another Stupid Trilogy'


As of February 27th, 2019: 'Another Stupid Spell' is free to download and view without modification, addition, or alteration. Please note that there are themes of fantasy violence, bisexuality, abuse, and androgyny (a character who the narrator refuses to reveal the gender of). If any of these things offend you, stop reading now.

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Special thanks to my friends and family for supporting me during the writing of this book.

My sincere appreciation goes out to Hugor and Hugorky Rodriguez, the designers and artists behind the lovely picture of Sorch on the cover. They even included Rock in the picture, our best supporting actor. If you like their work, please support illustrate_vnzl on Fiverr and their other mediums.

Thanks to Amazon for being a platform where independent writers can share their art with the world.

Finally, thanks to all of the literary agents who took the time to review my work. We had some laughs, we had some tears, but at the end of the day I respect anyone who reads for a living, so there's that.

Now, let's go on an adventure, shall we?


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