Chapter 4

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Vanya's POV (17 years ago)

They had been gone all day. I was starting to get worried. Surely they didn't go very far. They left at dinner. It was now 10 PM.

I was supposed to be in bed, but I couldn't fall asleep. Dad warned all of us not to go looking for them. But I did. I checked the garden, I checked the rooftop, I even went downstairs where I had to stay that one time. I dont remember why though. But, they were nowhere to be found.

I went into the kitchen and made peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches for them in case they came back. I also left all the lights on.

I figured I wasn't going to find them, so I went back to my room to try and go to sleep.

I layed on my back and closed my eyes. So many thoughts were running through my head. What if they got lost? What if they don't want to come back? What if they're dead?

(Next morning)

I woke up like ten times last night with nightmares.

A monster was attacking the academy. It didn't have a scary face or a massive body. It was a cloud of darkness that destroyed everything in its path. Everyone told me to hide while they fought but I stayed and watched. One by one, the monster plowed through them. They layed lifelessly in the rubble that was once our home.

There was just me, Five, and Y/N left. They both looked at me.

"Vanya, stay back!" Y/N yelled while Five spacial jumped towards the monster, but was gone within two seconds.

"FIVE!" Y/N screamed. I felt hot tears fall down my cheeks.

Y/N's face had a mixture of sadness and rage. Tears raced down her cheeks. She sprinted towards the monster and disappeared. The monster moved to the side and I saw her. Her body layed limp next to Five's.

"Y/N!" I yelled. More tears flowed.

I looked up. The monster right in front of me. It charges forward towards my shaking figure. I screamed.

Beep, beep, beep. The sound of my annoying alarm clock woke me up. I reached over and hit it several times before the sound stopped. My body was sweating.

"Good morning, Vanya," Grace popped her head in the door. "Are you okay? You seem shaken up."

"Good morning, Grace. I'm fine. Just a bad dream." I said.

"Okay dear. Breakfast is in the dining room." She walked away from the door.

I quickly got ready and walked to the dining room.

"Good morning Miss Vanya," said Pogo.

"Morning Pogo," I replied.

I took a seat at the very end of the table. For breakfast, we were served (breakfast food of choice.) I was too anxious to eat (again, can't relate lol.) So I just picked at my food.

Dad sat at the table. I wanted to ask if Five and Y/N had come back. But I knew I would get shut down before I could finish my question. I looked to my left.

"Psst, Ben" I whispered. He looked up at me, then looked at Dad to see if he heard.

"What?" He asked.

"Have you seen Y/N and Five?"

He immediately frowned with sadness across his face. "No."

I nodded then looked back to my plate. Maybe tomorrow they might come back.

Everyday I kept on thinking 'maybe tomorrow.' Eventually I knew I wasn't going to see them again.

I lost my only friends.

I had no one left.




Absolutely nothing.

Well, nothing good.

Dust and smoke engulfed us. I coughed and looked around. The ground was covered in rubble. Old stores and shops that were previously on this street were now destroyed. Miniature fires were planted all around us.

I looked at Five. His face was full of shock, as was mine. I could see it in his eyes. We both had the same thoughts.

The Academy.

We instantly looked behind us and ran down the ruined sidewalk. We stopped where the academy should have been, but nothing was left standing. I could tell we were in the right place because there were two gate doors with the umbrella symbol on them, laying in front of us.

"Vanya!" I yelled.

"Klaus!" yelled Five.

We called for everyone, but no answer. I even called for Dad.

We started walking over the ruins to try to find them. I saw burnt books, papers from Dad's office, furniture. Everything was gone.

I picked up a small piece of concrete when I heard a gasp behind me. Five was looking down at something but I couldn't see it.

"What, what is it!" I yelled and ran over to him.

He didn't speak. He pointed down with tears welling up in his eyes. I followed his finger and I saw him. He looked much, much older. His face covered in ash and dirt. His eyes were shut and his body lay limp.


I stood for ten seconds and just looked at him. My brother was dead. Eventually I couldn't hold it back.

I let out a sob and dropped to my knees. Five wrapped his arms around me as I cried over Luther's body. Five's body was shaking and the back of my uniform was wet from his tears.

Sure, Luther could be annoying and self centered sometimes. We didn't always get along, but he was still family. He was still my brother.

I wasn't long before a thought crossed my head.

"W-what about t-the others?" I stuttered as I looked up at Five.

He silently stood up and grabbed my hand. We walked around to try and find everyone else. Eventually we did.

Allison, Diego, and Klaus. They were all around the same area. When we came across each of them, I sobbed. Five was sobbing as well. We couldn't find Vanya or Ben. They were probably dead too. I don't know what I would do if I saw Vanya's dead body.

We sat down next to Klaus, still holding hands. I layed my head on Five's shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me tight. Both of us were shaking with sadness. His rested his chin on top of my head, and I felt droplets of water from his eyes, hit my scalp.

Everything was gone.

Everyone was gone.

All we had was each other.


Five POV

We sat in the ruins of our home. I held her tight. I couldn't lose her. She was all I had left.

After a while we layed down. Still holding each other. We embraced each other like as if we let go, we would never see each other again.

Her shaking later slowed down. She had fallen asleep. My uniform was soaked from her tears.

She started mumbling and jerking her body every few seconds. I rubbed her shoulder and eventually she calmed down.

My eyes started to get heavy and soon they completely shut.

"This is all my fault," I thought, before drifting off.

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