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THE TASTE OF CONCRETE DUST AND STALE AIR MET HER LIPS. Rocks dug into her arms and stomach, both sharp and dull and overall uncomfortable. Her face stung. A warm line of blood? Is that blood? trickled down her cheek to meet the even colder floor that she seemed unable to raise from. She needed to move, she needed to get up. Screeches and hisses and enraged shouts surrounded her, heat blossomed against her skin, and yet she still could not move, why am I paralyzed please I just need to get up!

Her head jerked upwards, scalp screaming with pain as someone grabbed her by the hair nononono let go let go let go. Body tensing, her eyes snapped open and blue shot away from her body, the shield forming faster than she'd ever managed before and there was a sickening squelch. The pull on her hair disappeared and a thud sounded from behind her.

She heaved herself up from the ground. Broken walls and shattered glass spun before her broken glass broken glass and there was red dripping from the spiked shield that still protected her and she was going to be sick if she didn't look away from the slumped form of her attacker. Look away look away look away LOOK AWAY, and her blurring gaze landed on two figures that she recognized.

Bakugo and Kirishima stood with their backs to her, surrounded by unconscious criminals and arguing about something she she couldn't quite hear. She stumbled towards them, trying to bring her breath back to normal and not think about what she'd done I did it I did it ldiditIdidit and she almost didn't notice the waver in the air.

Her hand moved before she could think, and the spike slashed towards the now-visible lizard man --

A loud boom stopped its movement as Bakugo's explosion propelled the Villain's face into the concrete.

The two boys continued their casual conversation, before Kirishima's eyes happened to meet hers and relief washed over his facial features. "Smith!" The red-haired boy grinned toothily, and Bakugo turned to face her as well, and they both fell silent at the sight of the red-coated weapon hovering an inch away from the blonde's nose.

"Is that all of them?" she murmured, trying to ignore the itch that crawled over her skin. She refused to look them in the eyes, she probably wouldn't be able to handle it, so she turned toward the hole in the wall that seemed to lead out of the crumbling building.

"Yeah, we got all of 'em," said Kirishima, while at the same time Bakugo grunted, "Get that thing out of my face." Her hand jerked back to her side. The spike melted back into her shield, and she shuffled past the limp bodies that littered the floor unconscious but one of them is dead and her chest heaved as she gasped for air. Everything was blurry, and sort of dark, why is is suddenly dark? and she had to brace herself against the jagged edge of the exit.

"Smith?" the redhead's voice echoed around her as her shield turned a dark red, wait why is it red it's never been red and black wisps danced around her fingers. She barely heard the raspy "Runt!", tumbling forward into the sudden void and she was falling, falling, falling, and then her breath left her as she slammed into the ground.

Black swept over her vision as she coughed and spluttered. For a brief moment, she wondered if this was what dying felt like, if the flow had finally given up on her and surrendered her to Death's cold, hard grip. But the darkness receded, her lungs filled, and she tried to sit up.

A dirty red shoe rammed into her chest.

Her head bounced off the ground with an audible crack. She wheezed, clawing at the foot that pinned her down, only to choke as a hand, one two three four fingers, wrapped around her throat.

"Well, well," laughed the man, face hidden by a shriveled hand except for bloodshot, manic red eyes. "I thought I recognized you." A shield flickered in the air, before blinking out of existence. "Mostly the Quirk. I haven't seen that Quirk in so long." She growled, kicking feebly at the hand-man. "But the eyes, too. They're just like --"

"Stay ... away ... from ... her." It was her uncle's voice. Hoarse, broken, but clearly her uncle's. She was able to turn her head just far enough to find him, though she almost wished she hadn't.

Shota Aizawa lay in a pool of his own blood, held down by a monstrous creature. It hissed at him, pulling his head upward before smashing it into the concrete.

"No," she croaked, trying to shove the hand-man away. "Aizawa ..."

"We were just about to leave," continued the Villain. "I thought you might be a good addition to our party. But it looks like you're too weak." The man let out a deranged cackled. "So I think I'll kill you. Imagine how the Symbol of Peace will feel. A child, dead, because of him." He chuckled and pressed his pinkie finger against her neck.

Pain, excruciating, mind-wrenching pain spread through her. It was worse than anything she'd ever felt, and she knew, she knew that this time she was dying. She could feel her skin disintegrating, then the muscle, and a scream tore through her throat, a scream so raw and bone-chilling that even the lackey Villains around her gasped.

And then her voice gave out. Her breathing slowed, a rattling sound that reminded her of a snake, though she couldn't remember what type. She felt cold, numb. The man in front of her blurred, as did everything else, morphing into this odd, sort of white color. A sharp ringing filled her ears, the kind that she heard whenever her ears were cuffed. The pressure on her chest and neck disappeared. She felt like she was floating, yet she could still feel the pinpricks of pebbles beneath her.

It's time, whispered a voice, a voice she'd grown to trust over time, and she was more than happy to listen to it now.

And as she relaxed into the familiar hold, she felt the faintest pressure on where her arms and legs would be, as if someone had picked her up, and she might have heard a rough voice yell Stay alive!

The white grew around Kendria, absorbed her, and she closed her eyes.


I just realized that I spell it "blonde" no matter what gender, when it's supposed to be "blond" for males and "blonde" for females and that just irritates me skskksk

Like to me it makes absolutely no sense, and it bothers me to not have an "e" on the end of it.

What about you guys??

-- Fan

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