Adrien's Jealous pt.1

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"Well, I'm waiting," Nino rolled his eyes as Adrien took a seat next to him. "When are you going to ask her out?!"

"I told you, for the last time, I don't like her!" Adrien groaned. "Marinette is just my friend."

"That's what you always say, and it's starting to get old. She's not going to he your friend forever. You gotta someday develope feelings for her," Nino exclaimed. "That is, if you haven't already."

"Nino, let's stop talking about this. Just focus on your work!" Adrien huffed and looked down at his paper.

"Just admit it then I'll stop," Nino said, as he looked over at Adrien's paper.

Adrien continued to write down stuff on his paper. He then felt someone walk past him, and he looked up to see Nathaniel.

He turned his head the other way to see where Nathaniel would go, and he was surprised when he stopped over at Marinette's seat.

"Oh he's about to do it," Some girls laughed and giggled as they pointed at Nathaniel. "Let's hope Marinette says yes."

Nathaniel cleared his throat, bringing Marinette's attention towards him.

"Oh hey, Nath. What's up?" Marinette smiled over at the tomato head boy, waiting for his reply.

"I... I just wanted to ask," At first Nathaniel seemed to gulp and hesitate, as if checking to see if he should go ahead and ask her, or just keep it to himself.

Nino groaned and poked Adrien. "Looks like someone else is beating you to it!"

"Will you go out with me?"

Adrien clutches onto his pencil, as he shut his eyes. He waited, and then finally, what he was dreading...

"Uh... Sure."

Nino like him again, and when Adrien turned to him, he stuck his tongue at the blonde boy.

"Nathaniel beat you to it, and Marinette said yes. Just think Adrien Agreste. That could have been you!"

Adrien gritted his teeth. "It's fine. She can go out with whoever she wants."

"I see the jealousy in your eyes. It's not so hard to spot," Nino rolled his eyes. "And I thought you said she was just a friend. You totally like her!"

Adrien returned back to his work.

No, Nino is totally wrong...


Adrien watched as Marinette walked over to Nathaniel. He had this feeling to chase Nathaniel away from her, but then he wondered why.

Watching as they left, Adrien dragged his feet towards them.

I'm not jealous. Just want to keep an eye on Marinette and make sure she's safe. Besides, I don't trust that tomato head boy!

He told himself that all over again as he walked out of school, behind Nathaniel, who tried to hold her hand, and Marinette who kept dodging.

Nathaniel, you ding ding, take a hint. Marinette doesn't want to hold your hands. Ha! But she feels completely fine with holding mine.

"So, where are we going?" Marinette asked the boy as they finally reached the end of the stairs.

"Uh, you'll see." Nathaniel promised as he tried again to hold her hand.

Adrien felt the urge to beat him and chase him away. He could obviously see how uncomfortable Marinette looked.

Suddenly, someone cleared his throat and Adrien turned to see Nino.

"What's up?"

Nino frowned at him. "You're up. Leave the two of them alone. It's your fault for not asking her out first." He walked past Adrien Ln. "Now, it's too late."

Nathaniel and Marinette had already left, and thanks to Nino, Adrien didn't know where they went.

"It's not too late yet!" He yelled, making himself and Nino surprised. "I can go and crash their little fragile date!"

Nino chuckled. "So you admit you're jealous?"

Adrien didn't reply as he walked away from Nino.

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