A new ship emerges...

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I understood when I was shipped...

But now there's a new ship!

Can you guess who?

Star and Ryuu XD the two people you can't take seriously. 

Well, you can take Ryuu seriously...

I looked at Ryuu as she scrolls through her phone looking at new merchandise to buy. 

"Ryuu...how did you and Star get shipped?" I ask. She looks up from her phone and smiles slyly at me. 

"All thanks to that shipping bot on the server," she giggles. Tucking in her hair, she looks across the room and sees Star. She gets a mischievous look on her face. 

"Hey, Star~" she calls out. Star looks up from his game and gives Ryuu his attention.

"Hmm?" he asks, confused. 

"I lost my teddy bear, so can I sleep with you tonight~?"

Everyone, including me, drop to the ground anime style, whilst Star just blushes uncontrollably. 

"I-I, umm..." he stammers a lot, his face resembling a tomato. 

"You know what?" She quickly goes on Discord and finds our server. Then she types something and we all see it. 

"There! I named my Ursaring after Star~ and I can be your Teddiursa~," she winks at Star. 

I sigh and giggle as she continues to use pick up lines on Star, and he can't seem to say anything back as he continues to blush and sweat, which he denies and calls it slime.

Someone taps me from the back and I see Shiny. 

"Oh, hey Shiny sama~!" I smile brightly at him. 

"Hi, Sylvee..." he looks at Ryuu and Star and smirks deviously at them. "Looks like no one will pay attention to us for a while. They have a new ship to deal with," he snickers. 

I blush at his words. Does that mean...

"Shiny sama!" I look at him with puppy eyes. "Does that mean...we..." He smiles at me.


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