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I looked out the window, watching the world continue on. I was going to leave today and there was nothing stopping me. I couldn't leave without Ayden, but I had to. It was better for both of us.

I turned around and looked around the apartment. Ayden came out of the bathroom with just a white towel around his waist. His body was damp with the warm drops of water, hair dripping wet. He looked at me. "You're leaving already?"

"I said I was staying for one more day, then leaving. That usually means I'm leaving when I say I am." I laughed a bit, trying to lighten the mood.

He smiled sadly. "I don't want you to go."

"I should go. I have to go because I can't stay here and make matters worse. That's not my job." I smiled and patted his wet shoulder. "I wish you well in your life."

I said my goodbye to Esme and left the apartment. I walked out to the forest, asking for some help to heaven. My back was still healing and my wings wouldn't be of good use.

They sent Matthew down to fly me back into heaven. They gave me a new angel dress. Our dresses were made differently up here so that they didn't cover our wings and hide them as human clothing did. Our white dresses flowed with ease, matching our large, white, feathery wings.

They healed my back so that I could feel better again. I stood up and bowed my head out of respect for my fellow brothers and sisters. "I'm sorry. I failed my mission. Ayden Dyer did not change his ways. He refuses to love."

Does he refuse to love, or does he refuse to love you?

I sat down on the clouds, thinking about my mission. "I understand if I don't get sent on another mission."

Matthew kneeled in front of me, giving me some comfort. "We don't fail because we try. We fail if we refuse to accept a mission in the first place. You planted that seed. You got the ball rolling. You can only do so much, but you cannot control his life for him. He has to make those choices. You've already made great progress with him, and that alone is enough to say you have done well, kid." He gave me a small smile.

I smiled a bit, returning the favor. "Thank you." I stood up from the softness of the puffy cloud, curling my toes against the fluff.

The light was bright up here. It could never be dark, but it wasn't blinding to us. Angels had better eyesight to withstand sensitivity to brightness. Clouds laid everywhere, right below our feet. Rooms stood around, as rooms to different places. They held libraries, churches, regular rooms and anything else we could want.

There was a large building at the end of this place, a kingdom if you will. It was where God stayed, ready to come out when He needed.

I walked to a room full of animals. Animals were joy, and they deserved to be here more than humans did. They got first priority into heaven.

I kneeled and put my hand out with an apple slice. A tall horse came over and bent his neck down, eating right out of my hand. I smiled and pet the fur between his eyes. "There, you feel happier. You still like apples." I stood and began to smooth my hand down his neck. "Your fur is soft. I wonder what it's like to have fur. Do you wonder what it's like to be naked and bare-skinned?" I tilted my head.

The horse neighed in response.

"I don't think animals would care. You guys can be pretty open about things." I stopped and spent some more time in the room until I ventured off to the library. I sat down and opened a book. I pulled back my head, widening my eyes when a scene took place in my mind. I was watching a movie I couldn't control inside my own head.

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