The Vanilla and Chocolate Deviation

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I cover my mouth with my hand, trying to swallow the bile rising up my esophagus. I signal Aniket to get Aruvi off my leg, and he immediately rushes to do my bidding. I jump out of the bed, sprinting to the washroom.

I lean my head over the sink, depositing the contents of my stomach into the basin. I think this is the one negative thing about my pregnancy. Other than being a sexually frustrated, food-hungry monster. Well, the last part is actually a plus. I can order Aniket and my mother to get me any type of food I want, under the umbrella called 'cravings'.

But there some positives to this pregnancy thing as well. I get to demand the most outrageous stuff and my loved ones will have to abide by my wishes, because making me displeased somehow makes the baby (or babies, in my case) unhappy.

On other note, I can be as moody and blunt as I would like to be. Its like I'm the elderly all of a sudden, and everyone has to cope with my comments.

Aniket sprints into the barroom, and this time, I let him in. He pulls back my hair, covering my ears for good measure. The vomit stops for a minute, and I stare at the yellow chime for a moment, relishing the end. However, before I could even finish thinking the thought, another wave of the bile comes rushing out of my mouth. I lean in, throwing it up. My stomach churns like there's a witch inhabited in the depths of my digestive system, mixing up a potion in her cauldron to make me puke.

After what seems like eternity, the vomiting stops and I step back, not bothering to wipe off the remains of the bile off my face. That would be equivalent to Aruvi wiping her snot on her sleeve; it's disgusting.

"You okay?" Aniket asks with concern laced in his voice, letting my long hair down. I nod curtly, turning to my reflection.


I look bad. Really bad. No, I look like I am Mother Earth after a war; I wore destruction like it was my body.

"I look awful! How did you kiss this face?" I shriek at Aniket, earning a sheepish chuckle from him.

"Sometimes, you have to do things for the people you love, and the kiss classifies as one of my many sacrifices." He jokes. I lift my leg, chambering it before lashing out a perfect back kick to his shin.

He kneels down in pain. "Ouch!" He yells, clutching his precious leg. "I know you're a black belt and all, but you don't have to show off.

I huff. Another kick and a louder response. I pretend like nothing happened, brushing my teeth like I just drank red wine.

I spit the toothpaste out as if I was spitting blood after a wrestling match. Turning on the tap, I gurgle the water in my mouth, spitting it out like a fountain.

I wash my face as well, spilling water all over the sides of sink. I frown at the mess I created, ripping off the toilet paper from the roll near the toilet and wiping it off. I dispose it in the toilet, flushing it and watching it in satisfaction as it swirls down slowly. Aniket watches me, still clutching the ball of his foot.

"You done with your compulsive cleaning or is there more?" He asks, leaning his head towards me curiously.

Damn, this guy is getting on my nerves today.

"Get out!" I growl, trying to shove him out the door.

"Why?" He asks stupidly.

"You really want me to answer that question?" I deadpan, staring into his chocolate brown eyes seriously.

"Yes." He muses, as if I am the dunderhead here.

"Fine. I want to pee very badly, and I need to get the contents of my intestines out of my rectum and through my freaking anus. Unless you want to watch me through the whole process—

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