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Esme and Ayden ate their plates of food. I looked over at Ayden and watched him eat. He might have rejected me, but I couldn't just stop loving him. He looked at me and I immediately turned away.

He swallowed his food before he asked, "Can you tell me more about yourself now? I know your name. I know how you died. It's useless to keep hiding it."

I looked at my feet and moved my toes. "Well, I guess it's only fair." I looked up at them. "I was born on June 22nd, 1998. I was born-"

"We didn't mean start at the beginning," Ayden interrupted.

My face turned red, showcasing my embarrassment. "Well, fine. I'm new to this. I don't know what you wanted to know."

Ayden lifted his eyebrow and looked at his sister who stared back at me. Ayden looked at me again, sighing. "We meant for you tell us about your hobbies, interests, your family life, and your recent life before you died. You don't have to mention the murder again, though."

I looked at my feet again, curling my toes. "I came from a rich family with no siblings. I'm an only child. My parents always put their work and careers above me. They would leave for weeks at a time, doing business wherever they went. It was always the same." I looked at them.

Ayden gestured for me to go on while he continued to eat his food.

"I don't have many hobbies. I like to read and help people. I liked school because it was easy, but I hated the social part of it. I wasn't good at being social." I shrugged.

Ayden stopped. "Wait, what about that Halloween party? Everyone loved you." He took a bite of his fry again.

"Yeah, because I'm an angel now. I'm a literal angel and I help them. I wasn't very good at helping people when I was alive. Selene is my example. I didn't save her. I couldn't save myself. I can't save you. I have to face the reality that love doesn't equal saving. I can't save the people I love; I can't protect them." I shivered, feeling the chills run down where I once had a spine.

Esme choked a bit, coughing. "Okay, back up here. Are you saying you love my brother?" She pointed to Ayden.

I nodded a bit. "He already knows. He doesn't feel the same way. It wasn't very smart of me, I admit. An angel falling for the one she protects is pretty forbidden. He likes Sunny. I'll get over it someday." I grabbed a blanket from the side of the couch and pulled it over my cold soul.

I sighed. "I remember it like it was yesterday. Every morning I would walk downstairs, and there would be another note on the fridge. I knew it was from them, telling me they had left me essentials and would be back later. I didn't know why they had a child if they wouldn't want to be in her life. Why do parents do that?" I looked at Esme and Ayden.

Esme stopped chewing and looked over at Ayden, unsure of what else to say.

"Sorry, I don't mean to make you guys uncomfortable. I should probably drop it now." I snuggled in the blanket.

I looked at the ceiling and sighed. "That's just how it goes. This world needs good. Evil keeps ruining everything. It wasn't supposed to be this way but...things changed. We were supposed to be good and always have compassion. Evil came in and ripped humanity apart. Look where we have gotten ourselves with murder, racism, rape, hatred... It's all evil. We could've had more."

Ayden didn't finish swallowing before he said something. "I want to say that humans can be the best and the worst. I don't want to say that evil doesn't suck but at least we can choose good. Some humans choose that, like you. You chose to help others. That means a lot because it wasn't just something you had in you. You made an effort to be a good person."

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