Freak of Nature (restarted)

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hello! so i discovered my love for this story again and I'm restarting it! you may discover that a few things have changed and maybe an extra charactor or two added ;) just enjoy ! :D

Chapter 1

I put my headphones in my ears and pressed play on my iPod, sighing happily at the loud music that blared out. I pulled up my hood on my black jacket. I was dressed as usual. Dark wash skinny jeans, band tee, hooded jacket and black Converse. My makeup was standard as well, a thick ring of eyeliner around my eyes and lashings of black mascara making my silvery-grey eyes stand out. I had on purple lipstick above my black snakebites and in my ears were a pair of black studs and black crosses as well as the triple piercing in the top of my left ear with chains connecting them and a cuff in my right ear. Looking in the mirror I smoothed down my black side fringe over my left eye before walking out to my car.

Unfortunately I arrived early at school. My new school. It would be no different to the other to the other six I had been at throughout high school. I would still get the teasing, the whispering, the bullying from students and teachers just because I dressed a little different and looked a little different to most people.

I opened my car door and climbed out, keeping my head down as I walked into the school and found my way to the office unnoticed. The receptionist looked up as I shut the door.

‘Hi, um, I’m new here,’ I said quietly

‘Oh, yes! You must be Alexandria,’ she smiled

‘Zandy,’ I muttered

‘What dear?’ she asked

I lifted my head up and saw the disapproval in her eyes as she looked me over.

‘My name is Zandy,’ I repeated. She held out a folder to me and I took it off her. Her eyes drifted back to back to her computer screen and I took that as my cue to leave. My locker wasn’t far so I got there quickly and put my spare books in there that I didn’t need before lunch. My first lessons were Maths and English in Block A followed by History in Block G. I glanced at the map again. I was definitely going to get lost here, I could just tell.

The first two lessons passed in a blur, they were just like any other day at a new school. I was forced to introduce myself for the class then sit next to a random person. I could feel the stares all lesson. And I could hear the whispers. After the bell rang I ran out of the lesson. History was, well,better.

As soon as I walked into the lesson, late since I managed to get lost, the teacher turned around from where he was writing on the board.

‘So you must be our new student. Why don’t you introduce yourself to the class?’ he said, smiling.

‘Um well my name’s Zandy, well Alexandria, Evans and I’m sixteen,’ I said.

‘Hi Zandy, I’m Mr Henry. If you could just go sit next to Skyler and I can begin the lesson,’ he said and I walked over to the spare seat he pointed out as he began teaching.

After about ten minutes of note taking I glanced up at the boy to my right, Skyler I think. I could have sworn I drooled. He was gorgeous. His hair was pure black with bright red tips, his skin pale and flawless. He had a black spike in his left ear and I could see snakebites on his lip as well. As if he could sense me staring, his eyes flicked towards mine and I gasped. The irises were red, really red. I couldn’t get them out of my head. He had lightly outlined them with black kohl, making them even more shocking and contrasting. I spent the rest of the lesson staring at him but looking away whenever he looked up.

After the lesson I packed up slowly and watched as Skyler walked coolly out of the classroom. He dressed like me, black Converse, black skinny jeans, a black V-neck top and leather jacket. Yet he didn’t seem to get the comments. Or people staring at him, not including me of course. I dismissed the thought as I began thinking about lunch. I would be sitting at a table alone like a loser. I was a loser I guess. And a freak.

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