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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1: Tris and Four - Abnegation Love

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Tris and Four - Abnegation Love

Chapter 1: Tomorrow is the choosing ceremony. I know exactly where I belong so, I don't need to stress about it. Abnegation is my home and I enjoy living here with my family. Even though Tori told me that i was Divergent and that it is extremely dangerous, I know that Abnegation is my life. Tonight, just like every Sunday, the Eaton's come over. Evelyn, Marcus, and Tobias Eaton. They are our closest friends and my brother, Caleb and Tobias are best friends. They always have been best friends even though they are two years apart. "Beatrice?" My brother stands at the doorway with a bowl of green vegetables in his hands. "The Eaton's will be over soon. I suggest you get ready." He says sweetly. Then, just like that, he is gone. My brother, just like me, knows exactly where he belongs as well. Abnegation. I know that he would never go to another faction because he loves an cares for me and my parents too much. I know that Tobias would be upset with Caleb if he left him too. I tie my hair back into a tight bun and slip a couple pins in my hair to make sure that no stray hairs fall. I can't help but wonder how I'd look with my hair down and how I look right at this moment. It's been 3 months since I've looked in the mirror and tomorrow is the day that my mother cuts my hair. I know that I shouldn't be excited to see my reflection because I need to show that I am selfless. I do not care about my appearance. I do not.

The Eaton's are already down stairs sitting at the table when I arrive. "Good evening Beatrice. How are you?" Evelyn asks me. It's proper Abnegation edict to speak with manners and to show curiosity to others around you and divert attention from yourself. "I am fine thank you." I reply politely. I sit down at the table next to Tobias. Tobias and I are friends but not best friends like Caleb and him are. "Hello Tobias." I greet him. He smiles and says, "Hello Beatrice. Nervous about the choosing ceremony tomorrow?" He asks curiously. "Of course not. I know where I belong." I say reassuringly. He nods, "Of course."

We are not allowed to speak unless we are spoken to at the table so, Caleb and I keep quiet while Tobias, who is already 18, makes conversation with my father and Marcus about Abnegation business. I can tell that Tobias would like to be on the Abnegation council to take after his father when he is old enough. I'm too busy with listening to Tobias, Marcus, and my fathers conversation that I don't notice when my mother is trying to ask me a question. "I'm sorry, what?" I say. "I was just asking how you're testing went today. I know we aren't allowed to talk about it but, I just want to know how you felt." She asks. My face gets hot and I remember what happened earlier today. I tried to block it out but, I knew that it would come up. I am Divergent and it is not safe. I'm not sure what divergent is but, I know I can't tell anyone. "Good. I heard what was expected." I say hesitantly. I look over at Tobias and I can see his eyes staring me down. It looks like he's trying to figure me out and it feels like he can tell that I'm lying. I quickly look away and stab my fork into my vegetables avoiding eye contact with everyone for the rest of dinner.

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