We are home.

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My hands gripped the stone. We were in a well, it must be the one that is just on the outskirts of town.I pulled myself up and I saw
henry, Rumple, and Regina. All three of us climbed out of the well. My feet hit the solid ground, We were home!
‘’Henry!’’Emma said
Henry ran over and hugged Emma.
‘’I missed you’’Emma said
‘’I missed you too’’Henry said. I smiled at them and snow and I went in and hugged them too. A group hug. Tear ran down my face. We were home, everything was alright.
‘’What going on?’’Snow asked
‘’She saved you.She saved all three of you’’Henry explained. Regina who looked worn out, gave us a small smile. But she didn’t mean it. She looked broken.
‘’Thank you’’Emma said
‘’Your welcome’’Regina said
‘’You okay?’’I heard ruby ask
‘’Ruby!’’I said and she ran over to us.Giving me a  hug and then snow.
‘’Where's my husband?’’snow asked
She then took my hand and then Snows and we ran away. I'm sure Emma and Henry need time together and I needed to be here for snow.
We got to Gold's shop and we ran in. we went to the back room
‘’David!’’snow said, running to his side. Emma and Henry came in. Snow leaned down and  kissed David and a burst of magic came threw the room and David gasped. I smiled. David was okay. Everyone was okay.
‘’you did it’’David said
‘’Did you ever doubt I would’’Snow said and they kissed again. I smiled at them. We were home and we were all safe. Expect Killian. Who was still in the enchanted forest. I couldn't trust him, he wasn’t Killian anymore. He was hook.  Emma walked out and henry hugged me.
‘'im so glad your back’’he said
‘’I missed you, Henry’’I said ruffling his hair.
‘’I missed you too, Liz’’
Henry went to hug snow and I hugged David."
"im so glad you are all safe’’David said
‘’Me too’’I said and we let go and I hugged Ruby.
‘’We have to have a talk about everything’’Ruby said
‘’We defiantly do’’I said laughing.
Emma walked back in and Snow smiled at her.
‘’Emma’’snow took her hand.
‘’looks like we have some catching up to do’’David said
‘’You have no idea’’Emma said
‘’How about dinner at grannys. On me’’Ruby said
‘’As long as its kimera. I'm in’’Emma said and I laughed slightly. Real food! Um yes! Grilled cheese!
‘’Hey kid. You hungry?’’Emma asked. Henry ran over to Emma. We all walked out of golds shop and started walking down the street.

Authors note:
I know short chapter, im sorry. I have been busy all day. I will try to get another chapter in after i do my homework.

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