2.3 | special chapter (2)

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shin minjoo aka gayoung groaned, "i hate uni."

jaemin nodded and stretched his arms, "same. my vocabulary limited down to i want to go home and this is a scam."

"well you're not wrong, this stupid thing called school is a whole ass scam itself," gayoung said as they make their way out of the building. "school just gives me aids."

jaemin chuckled and linked his arm with hers, "let's go."

"go where."

"where to?"

"wherever our hearts will take us," jaemin said, admiring the sunset.

gayoung said nothing but walked in silence with him. "you know," gayoung spoke up. "hana said that there's a new cafe around the corner. she has the hots for the waiter, but i just wanna go for the food."

"let's go then," jaemin said. "i'm craving for some sweets."

when they arrived, they weren't expecting to see someone with jeno's face.

"this isn't fate messing with us right...?" jaemin asked, his voice almost becoming a whisper.

gayoung looked at the guy who was mopping the floor, "renjun?"

jaemin and gayoung sat there awkwardly with their food and drinks. jaemin leaned back onto his seat, staring into the air, "this feels weird."

"very," gayoung nodded.

"hey hyun!" a classmate greeted jaemin. "on a date eh?"

jaemin giggled shyly, "yeah."

park hyun, jaemin's name in the new life.

a loud gasp was heard from the table behind them. without making it too obvious, they peaked over to see what was going on.

they, too, was shocked.

a high school girl was staring at her phone screen with an awfully familiar text.


lmao that's the offical crappy ending!!

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