Chapter 21: Are you Hyunjin?

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"What are we supposed to do with the two shit heads?" Seungmin asked me as we arrived inside Woojin's house. "And yes, my brother included."

"I'm not sure. If we leave them here, they'll probably die but if we bring them with us, we'll probably die," I nonchalantly replied. These days, making decisions have become even scarier.

"Let's just leave them here but make sure they're safe?" Seungmin trailed off.

What a stupid suggestion.

"How the hell are we supposed to make sure of their safety when ghouls basically entered the house without a trace and so did our prisoner!" I exclaimed, throwing my arms to either of my side.

"What else are we supposed to do!"


Should we just wait for the battle to arrive or should we keep on trying to avoid it?

I can't give up now. There are lots that I yet have to learn about myself and there are lots of things that I haven't done yet...precisely with Hyunjin.

He's basically my life now. Without him, my life would continue to burn in hell. Right now, he's not by my side so that's how I'm actually feeling.

If we keep on running, nothing will end. If we stay, it's either we live or die. Which should we choose?

"Your face looks creepy," Seungmin said, earning a glare from me. "You're not thinking of staying here, aren't you?"

"There's nothing else that we can do. You could've gone with Minho to protect yourself but instead you-"

"What the hell do you think of me?" He suddenly snapped. My eyes widened a bit. I must have said something wrong?

Well, no shit.

"My brother is very important to me, he's all I have! I can't leave him alone when I know that he needs my support! No matter what kind of situation it is, I'll always choose my brother!" He furiously said. After his outburst, he sat on the couch out of frustration and started trying to calm his breathing.

I feel a bit empathetic. Is that the right word to use? I could just repeat his words since like him, Hyunjin's all I have and I want to save him no matter what- I want to stay with him no matter what. I should have understood Seungmin long ago...I would have stopped myself from saying those words.

And then I thought I was being kind.

"So okay," he began. He sniffed softly since he just stopped crying. "We're staying here and we're going to prepare our death bed."

"I prefer a victory bed," I told him. And it warmed my heart when his lips curled into a smile.

That smile dropped within a mere second. "We have to prepare now!" Before I could respond to him, I suddenly heard a car pull over outside. Oh shit.

The person quickly got out of the car. Only one person? Is it only Minho? But why?

"Why? What is it?" Seungmin asked me, worry plastered all over his face.

"I heard someone," I quietly answered. As if on cue, the door opened. Stupid. We forgot to lock it!

"You went to the company right?" Seungmin and I faced Minho. He looks normal as if he's done nothing wrong.

"Start explaining would you?" Seungmin bitterly asked him. Minho chuckled faintly and walked closer to us.

"It was inevitable."

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