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"Oh no!."i said

"Whats wrong babe?"jungkook ask before i could answer he took my wrisk and pull me into the threater and we found our sits

Until the scary part comes in and i burry my face at jungkooks shoulder and he hug me

"Dont worry!hyerim-ah im here"jung
Kook calmly said i look at him and smile

(End of the movie)


We all gather in on place

"So where are we going?"jimin ask and i look at jin"uhm..i dont know"jin said and both of us look at jhope"uhm i dont know this place"jhope said and the 3 of us look at rm"uhm should we go around since we all dont know this place"rm said

So we all hold hand and ride the escalator and we went to a beautiful place and i took out my camera

"Guys lets take some photos here"i said and they post immidietly and took their photos

(After taking them some photo)

"Waaaah!hyerim is so good at taking pictures"jin said and i giggle"thank you oppa!"i said and hug jin and jungkook seperate me from him"no,no,no!"jung kook said"aigoo someone is jealous!,co
me here my little kookie!"i said and he went to me and i hug him

"You know your my one and only kookie no one can replace you,okay?"i said and he look at me and  he smile

(After we took some photo)

"Guys im craving some starbucks today"rm said so we all go to the starbucks we find our seats and waited rm to take our order

"Hyerim-ah lets see how great the photo you shoot.."jimin said and he took my camera and look to the pictures"oh my gad!hyerim is way better than me"jungkook said and i laugh

Until rm came with our orders

"Your orders are here!"rm said and we took our drinks and went outside"guys lets go shopping!"taehyung said and we look at taehyung whos looking at gucci
And we look at our money and out it all together

"We have 40,000 but it still have enough money..but what if taehyung oppa buy so many stuff?"i said and they look at me agree on what im talking about"taehyung-ah we still have to buy foods and its too expensive to buy gucci"rm said

And he look at us sad

"Sorry taehyung oppa..but we still have to buy foods and clothing you know"i said and he still smile"i know...should we buy some cotton candy?"taehyung said and we all nodded and buy cotton candy

While we were walking eating our cotton candy

"Hey oppas i heard theres a entertaining place here and there a near beach here"i said and i walk to that near beach and they follow me

Until we reach here at the beach

"Wahh!so cold"i said and i sneeze until someone put his jacket around me and i look at him it was jungkook

(After an hour)

"Should we go now?since its getting cold now..hyerim might get a cold"jin said so we all go and went to back to the hotel

We reach the hotel and went to our rooms

Me and jungkook did our night time routine and i jump in bed when im done doing my night routine and jung kook jump when his done

"Wahhh..im tired!"i said and i close my eyes and fell asleep

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