1 - Happy 18th

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Hello to any readers from my previous story called Questionable. Welcome back!
I'm very excited to announce that this is the first official chapter of Adventures of Summer!


Before leaving for adventures in Europe, it was decided to celebrate Clementine's 18th birthday. That way, she can celebrate a land mark age with her family, as well as close friends. She was one of the younger ones in the group, only just turning 18 years old.
Every other friend in the group was already 19 years old. That means, she's almost a whole year younger.

Louis and Clem have been dating for just nearly a year, which was one of the greatest times in each of their lives. Louis had began to accept himself, and Clem had come out of her shell. Due to the relationships, she had also made valuable friends.

Her birthday plans were all kept a surprise, being told that Louis had something for her and there would be a party afterwards. That was all she was told. Everything else, she was in the dark for it all.

Louis came and picked her up, which was nearly lunchtime. He rolled into the driveway, waiting for the small girl to get in the car.

Getting in his car, Clem turned to her boyfriend to ask, eagerly, "So, where are we going today?". Her tone was laced in curiously, wanting to know the surprise now.

Louis titled his head at her and pulled a smug face that said 'you will find out shortly.' He then spoke, "Well, I thought we could get lunch before doing anything. How's that sound?"

"Sounds great to me." She spoke while grinning.

A few minutes later, the car was pulled into a car park at a local Italian restaurant. It was a locally known business, which was family run. They were famous for their home made Italian lasagna.

Grinning while looking at the restaurant outside of the car, Clem turned Louis. "Bet their lasagna isn't as good as yours from that night."

Louis's face quickly turned to a light shade of pink, understanding the reference to the night of prom at the beach house. Lots of memories were made that special night.

He hummed in reply then spoke "Hopefully not. My lasagna is bomb."

"Come on then Lou, let's go!" Her tone was excited, getting out of the car. Louis smiled to himself, seeing how she's excited at the simple things in life. After all, it's food.

Entering a private booth in the back of the restaurant, Clem and Louis were looking over the menu questioning what to order. There was some small talk before making the order.
Louis decided on the risotto, and Clem chose the spaghetti and meatballs. For drinks, a simple Diet Coke for each of them.

Waiting for the food, the pair chose to talk about the future. College, travelling and friendships.
Sipping on her drink, Louis asked about college "Have you decided if you are going to college or not? You have the grades to, after all."

Clem shrugged nonchalantly, "I got offered a full scholarship to a college.. in California."

"Wow, Clem that's great! Did you accept it?" His voice full of pride. He looked so happy - something she didn't feel, rather faked.

She was circling her thumb on the top of her glass, a nervous habit. "Not yet. I don't know if I should go."

Louis scrunched his face in confusion, "What? Why wouldn't you go?"

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