Chapter 7

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Author's note:

Is this a dream? Am I dreaming? *slaps herself* *feel hurt* oh... So its real, I cannot believe that I have 1K+ readers when this story is seriously sucks! Hahaha, but seriously wow thanks guys I'm really happy to know that people is actually reads my crap... I mean GREAT and AWESOME story. Okay enough with my blabbering and lets start with the new chapter shall we? Oof lets get into it.


Author pov:

Franky is in the stands, exclaiming as he is shock to see such a powerful competitor as Jesus Burgess, but he believe in luffy as he thinks that Luffy would win the tournament easily.

He then gets up to leave and do his job that mizu told him so, but he was stop by the Thunder Soldier "I want to go with you too" is what he said which literally annoys Franky but he told him to just dont disturb him while he is doing his job. The soldier nodded as they went headed to the factory.

In another part of the colosseum a marine scout is reporting to his boss which is Capman, as he ask for reinforcements due to the sheer amount of formidable outlaws at the colosseum.

Capman replied to him that he will ask Issho right away, but then he got confronted by the "missionary" Gambia of the Barto club, but capman quickly takes care of him.

Meanwhile, the blind man gets up to leave, and his subordinate gives him his admiral coat. The blind man requested 3 battleships and a large number of medical officers and said that he'll go to Green Bit first.

He is then revealed to be Admiral Fujitora, which mizu knows from the start lol and he asks his subordinate about the number of spectators, the population of the town, and of the country.

When his subordinate asks why that is needed, he replies "Before counting the number of enemies, we should first count the number of people that needing protection" all of his subordinate awe at his words.

At a northeastern cafe the members of the group responsible for exchanging Caesar are asking about Green Bit to the cafe workers but they were told to avoid it saying that there are fighting fish which are very dangerous.

He also says "No one who used the iron bridge to Green Bit has ever come bac". Which it triggers someone *cough*Usopp*cough* and *cough* Caesar *cough* to plead with Law by asking him to change the drop off location, but as we all know Law refuses. (Lav: stubborn guy)

Law is more worried about the lack of panic even though Doflamingo, their king, has just resigned, but his worries are cut short by the arrival of CP-0, the world's strongest intelligence agency which clearly it is not good for them to be there.

Elsewhere, which i think in the middle of the town, Zoro is seen chasing the "fairy" that stole his sword to the top of a building and takes it back, only to go over the side and fall to the ground with the 'fairy' falling with him.

Meanwhile Kin'emon gets lost and is surrounded by enemies who seem to have captured Kanjuro. Also staying true to his promise Sanji beats a mysterious sniper much to the pleasure of Violet.

Back at the ship, the group protecting the Thousand Sunny are playing Shogun, when suddenly they hear a mysterious noise.

(Lav: geez.... So much happening outside the coliseum, mizu: what's happening out there?, Lav: shhh, you...dont need to know, mizu: *pouts*)

Mizu pov:

The scene then changes to backstage of the coliseum where an official is directing people to the infirmary. The official tells them that they do not have enough stretchers for everyone, and encourages people to walk if they can.

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