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Before reading this book, make sure you have read my other story called "Questionable". This is the sequel to that story.

Warning: some strong language and mentions of underage drinking.


High school has been finished for less than a week. That means that the events of prom and that night were fresh in everyone's mind. Graduation was also raw, only happening a few days ago. It had been the topic of talk for the last few days, and everyone was still swooning at such good memories.

Clementine and Louis along with Marlon and Violet are gathered around Marlon's living room, surrounded by takeaway boxes and bottles of alcohol. There was music humming away in the background, which no one was really paying attention to. The night was still young. There were no specific plans for that night, or for the rest of summer.
It was a long summer break too, just over 3 months to do whatever they wanted before college.

Louis was sat next to his girlfriend, Clem, with his arm lazily wrapped around her shoulder. The group were talking random gibberish and Louis had tuned out from it. Raising his beer bottle to his mouth and taking a slip, he decided to throw a curveball into the never ending conversation.

"I say that we take a road trip around Europe for the summer." He speaks, nonchalantly.

That caused everyone to stop speaking and look at him, with a questioning look. It was as if no one understood what he said.

"What? It's the last summer together before you all go to college, so why not?" He defended himself, even though he looked very relaxed due to the alcohol in his system.

Clem nodded her head before looking to Marlon and Violet, "Fuck it, I say we do it. I've always wanted to go to Europe anyway."

Marlon and Violet eyed each other, not exchanging words. After a pause, Violet shrugged before speaking "I agree, let's do it. I always dreamed of going to London."

Everyone's gaze was now on mullet boy, awaiting his answer. Marlon sighed, looking defeated. "Whatever. Fine! We can go to Europe if that's what y'all want." The three other teens smiled amongst each other, finally getting what they wanted easily.

"But how are we going to even afford getting there? It's a plane ride away, not to mention getting between each country once we land." The blonde boy then spoke again, interrupting everyone else's celebration. 

Louis smirked, looking lob sided, "Dude, my dad will pay for it. He never notices money being spent anyway. Plus, in Europe, we can rent a car for the entire time."

Clem turned, and placed a kiss on the boys cheek before speaking "You don't have to do that Lou."

He rolled his eyes at his girlfriend's comment, "Of course I do. I wanna make sure everyone has the best summer ever, so we are going to Europe!"

And with that, the group of four let out a small cheer and clap in mini celebration. Everyone grabbed their drink, clanked them together before yelling "To us and Europe!"


Marlon and Louis are discussing the finer details of the trip, knowing that the girls were not going to do it in their excited state.

"Where are we going to fly from then?" The blonde young adult asked.

The dread head replied, "Easy, Georgia International Airport. It's close enough, and we can book a hotel the night before we fly."

Nodding at the idea, Marlon agreed. "And you only want a hotel room so you can get Clem by herself." He smirked to his best friend.

Louis shook his head before taking a sip of his beer. "Nope. Man, I ain't telling you shit. I don't kiss and tell."
Marlon rolled his eyes at the boring answer.

In the background of Marlon and Louis making plans, the two girls were chanting "Road trip! Road trip! Road trip!" And giggling between each other. They could also be heard making plans for when they get to Europe, such as going to the Eiffel Tower and eating authentic pizza in Italy.

Marlon just rolled his eyes at the girls childish behaviour, while Louis smiled to himself seeing his girlfriend look truly happy. The past year has been a crazy journey for the two of them, yet it worked out in the end.

But that end is just the beginning for Louis and Clementine. Their summer adventure was just the start.

Authors note
Thank you for tuning in to the sequel of Questionable. If you haven't already, go and read that story before carrying on with this one. This is book 2, and the events take place after book 1.
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