My Name is Nikita Part Three

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My Name is Nikita

Part 3

I am waiting in line at Starbucks for my vanilla latte, when I bump into the guy standing next to me. He just smiles at me. It makes my knees buckle a little bit.

"Keetan." he says putting out his hand.

"Nikita." I say shaking it.

"Would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight, say 7:00?" he asks me.

"I would love to, meet me at the Placebo." I get my latte and leave before he can say different.

When I get home I am completely drawn to my closet. Half of this stuff hasn't been worn since the summer. it is mid June now, and I need to make sure it still looks sexy on me, seeing as I am carrying two little additions with me. I grab a short, black mini-dress that is sleek and sexy, another one, but candy apple red, and a loose plum colored dress that tightens at the thighs. When I am just about to leave my bedroom to go to the bathroom, something catches my eye. It's white, and tight fitted, with a black ribbon around the waist. I drop the others and grab it.

I am standing in front of the mirror, in a sexy black lace thong and bra ensemble. I am not looking at the underwear, but the small, but defined bump stinking out between my hips. I sigh and pull my dress on. After my curling iron heats up, I make myself look like a princess. The ringlets fall delicately against the small of my back, and my shoulders. I then apply foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and last but not least, nude lipstick, that pulls everything together. I stare at myself.

I am beautiful.

I see Keetan waiting at the entrance of Placebo, with a bouquet of white lilies, surrounded by purple passion flowers. He was wearing a velvet black suit, and a pink tie. I breathe out, because he's so damn sexy. He see's my car and he smiles, and winks at me. I can't help but blush and smile back. I step out of my car, I am hoping that that my black stiletto doesn't catch on anything. It doesn't and I walk gracefully over to him. He thrusts the bouquet at my chest, I smile and kiss his cheek. He blushes, and takes my hand and leads me in. The hostess, whose name is Stephanie brings us to our table, and sets down two glasses of lemon water.

"So, how are you?" Keetan asks

"U-m, f-fine." I can't believe I just stuttered in front of this Greek God.

He raises his hand up and brushes it from my temple to my chin. I shiver because it sends electric shocks through my body. He keeps his hand there, and slowly moves closer to me. I stare at him, I can't move. Finally, our lips join, and I want more. I move my lips with his, and I feel his tongue slip into my mouth. I want more, but we are rudely interrupted by our waitress, Kristen.

"Sorry to interrupt you, are you ready to order?" She asks.

"Yes," Keetan says, "I will have your Tiger Shrimp with garlic butter, and another glass of wine please."

"Okay, and for the lady?" She turns towards me.

"I will have your Rib-Eye steak please, and a raspberry mocktail."

"Okay, thanks."

She toddles away, and leaves us alone. I look over at him, and bite my lip. He kisses my nose, then sits down again.

Our food arrives half an hour later, and we eat holding hands.The dinner date is over before I want to, and we've filled up on cocktails, and steak. He walks me to my car.

"Hey Nik?" he says quietly.

"Yes?" I reply putting my hand on the inside of his leg.

"Do you want to spend the night at my house?"

"Of course."

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