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"Crazy way he thrills me 
Tell you why 
Just like a lightning from the sky 
He loves to kiss me till I can't see straight 
Gee, my lollipop is great"


"You're doing this because you want to...right?" Harry asks suddenly, pulling back to look at my face for my reaction.

I give him a strange look "Why else would I be doing it?"

Harry chews on his lip, rubbing his hands down my arms "Just wanna make sure it's something you're doing cause you want to, not cause you think it's something I want"

I raise my brows at him "Yes, I would like your dick in my mouth Harry, did you not want it in there?" I ask bluntly, also trying to get rid of the nervous look on his face with my shitty humour.

I'm the one about to dislocate my jaw apparently, dunno why he looks like he's the one about to do it.

His eyes widen at my words, before rolling his head back against the wall, closing his eyes "Don't think there's a place in you I don't want my dick in Joey" he groans.

I give him a flat look but before I can say anything he looks back to me, covering my mouth with his hand "Whatever smart ass remark you were about to make about that - don't even think about it" he says, cocking his brow and smirk against his hand over the fact he knows me so well.

He pulls his hand away cautiously, like I'm some ticking time bomb about to explode unexpectedly with an awkward remark.

When I don't say anything he relaxes, and I look down to his length, resting still painfully hard against his stomach and back to his face "Don't think you're fitting that in my nose, hate to shatter your hopes about that lover boy" I grin, and Harry huffs, squinting his eyes at me.

"Can't fucking help yourself can you?"

I shrug my shoulders, blinking innocently "Face of an angel, mind of a sinner and mouth of a sailor Harry, you should know that about me by now"

"Mmmmm" he hums, leaning forward to peck my lips with a smile "Never heard a more perfect way to describe you, can't get enough of it"

"Speaking of my mouth...." I trail off, darting my eyes down to his length and back to his eyes, raising my brows suggestively.

Harry sighs heavily, wetting his lips and brings his hands to my face "Just kiss me for now, then we'll go from there"

"You drive a hard bargain" I say with a playful frown "But I guess I can find a way to manage that"

He grins, laughing under his breath as he pulls my mouth to his muttering against it "Shut up and kiss me, smart ass"

I go to reply but he silences me with his lips, lacing his fingers into my hair while my hands rest against his bare chest, starting a slow and sweet kiss that I return without question, knowing I'll never grow tired of feeling his mouth against mine.

It doesn't take long for the kiss to deepen, given the state he's in, and his tongue slips out to tease my lips, before delving into my mouth to roll against my own, swirling and tasting around it as I start to slide my hands down his torso.

One difference I've noticed with men, that I'm not used to, is there's a lot less groundwork to put in.

They're just ready to go at the drop of a hat, for the most part, where as with women, it takes time - it's like tuning an instrument, getting the tune just right so its ready to sing out the melody when you play it.

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