Jumping to Conclusions

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"Will you shut up?!" He hollers, overcome with anger. I gasp, not expecting him to be this outraged. Aniket has only yelled at me twice before. It is appalling to think he can be anything other than calm.

"W-What?" I stutter like a fool, tilting my head. My mouth parts and he uses the chance to claim my lips, his hand cupping my cheek. I raise my hand, my senses hyper-aware. I realize I'm about to slap him. He holds my wrists down, using the walls to prison them.

"You have to hear me out, before you jump to conclusions." He says, gritting his teeth in frustration. He leans closer in to me, challenging me to utter another word. I stare at him with wide eyes, still unclear how he gathered the courage to order me around. "I don't cheat. I've never cheated before. Not on a test, not in a game, not with you or anyone else. I have gotten where I am because of hard work and determination. And do you know how much I've spent fantasizing about you in my teenage years? Do you really think I would make a petty mistake to let you go? You're mine, dammit!" He pounds on the wall, fisting his hands until they shake. I wince, and seeing my expression, his face calms. He sighs, covering his face with his huge hands.

I'm afraid of him.

My hands move to my stomach protectively, and Aniket follows my cautious action, gasping. The shock quickly turns into outrage, and he glares at me outright.

"You're not in your right mind, Aniket. W-what am I supposed to think?" I explain, my hand slowly making its way to my sides.

No sudden movements.

"Do you really think I would hurt our children?" He asks, imprisoning me between the walls and himself. There is about two inches of distance between the two of us.

"No." I lie, biting the inside of my cheek. "I was scared." I explain, trying to rectify the situation.

"Krithi, do you even trust me?" He says, staring down at me.


I am at a loss for words.

"You don't, do you? You never trusted me."

I shake my head. "I trust you, Aniket." Lie. "I know you won't hurt me." Lie. "It's just that, I'm really cautious, and I've been doing that unconsciously these days." Lie.

If I had a penny for every time I lied to him— well, that's only four pennies, so I'd still be broke, but four cents more richer than I am now.

Aniket sighs. "If you do trust me, I want you to hear me out." I nod, placing my hands on his bare chest. He pecks my lips, alighting my arousal once again.

Damn him and his addictive kisses. Is there therapy for this kind of addiction?

"This morning, when I took you to the hospital, Alisha told me, that, um, you fainted because I, um, forced you to partake in, um, strenuous activities." He coughs, as if giving me a hint.

Oh, he's so cute.

And she played him so hard.

I try to hide my smile, but the damn thing grows like a infection, spreading onto my face until I'm wondering if Aniket is afraid of clowns. Suddenly, I burst out laughing. I gasp, kneeling over and clutching my thighs with my hands. I run out of air in my lungs, the carbon dioxide increasing as I waste my breath.

I stop laughing, moving up to clutch my stomach instead. I laughed way too hard. I swipe the happy tears off my cheek, a grin spreading out on my face.

"So, Wait—

I start to chuckle again. "You're telling me, that you believed Alisha when she told you I fainted because of sex?"

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