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Back to Present Day.

Lucifer walked in and grabbed my hair, holding my head up. "Do you give up yet?"

I barely shook my head, fighting to keep strength. "I refuse to."

He snickered. "Wrong move, kid. You are just as sick as he is." He threw his arm out, pointing to Ayden.

Ayden looked at us, eyes half closed. The sweat and blood dripped down our bodies, coating us in thick fluids. Satan dropped my head and I fell back onto the cement. My worn wings laid out on either side of me, covering the nakedness.

"We need new ways to torture you. What is it that girls can't handle?" He bent down, getting closer to my face.

A ripping pain started in the area where my uterus once was before I lost my physical form. I stretched an arm out, gripping the hot stones. I cried out, not having missed the feeling of a period.

It suddenly stopped. He grabbed me by my hair, once again pulling my head up. "You know what satisfies me? Misery. I like making people suffer."

I scoffed a bit, not surprised at all. He was Satan, after all.

"What would make you suffer? You seem to be a virgin in love with the whore. He's a human and you're an angel. If you act upon this, you're kicked out of heaven. I would be killing two birds with one stone. All I need to do is make it happen." He looked at Ayden.

Ayden struggled a bit and grunted. Satan grabbed his chains and took them off, dropped him. He kicked him. "Come on. Flip over. We both know you've been wanting this for a long time now."

Ayden managed to say, "No."

Lucifer looked at him. "Excuse me? You want to pretend you have morals now?"

Ayden didn't say anything. He was trying to keep the pain at a minimum. Lucifer kicked him onto his back and Ayden groaned, his messed up back hitting the hot cement, burning into his open wounds.

He looked at me and grabbed my neck from the back of it, dragging me over. "I will ruin you." He dropped me, going to grab something. I heard a growl.

I turned my head a bit to look back but a bright light appeared, blinding Ayden. It didn't affect me and I saw who was behind the light. It was another angel, one that was higher up in the kingdom.

He moved his hand, causing Satan to fly off against the wall. He came over to us both. "I have come to save you. We got word that one of our own was being held hostage in hell."

I sat up. "Ayden...please." I pointed to him, falling back to the ground. I had no strength.

The angel began to walk over to him, helping him up. "My name is Matthew. I was sent down to get you out so let's go."

He didn't notice our weak bodies, or my weak soul and his weak body. He didn't notice when Satan came from behind, either. He swept him off his feet, grabbing a silver blade. "You angels just don't give up."

"Of course, not." Matthew pushed him back, sending him flying. He got up and looked at him as Lucifer came at him again. He swung a punch at Matthew. Matthew dodged his fist.

He grabbed Satan's arm and flipped him onto his back, slamming him down on the ground. He went to kick him but satan grabbed his foot, pulling him from his standing position.

He grabbed him once again, slamming his head into the ground. It would take more force than that to truly harm a supernatural being. Matthew kicked his chest, causing Satan to stumble.

He got up from the ground again and took a swing. His fist made contact with Satan's jaw. Satan just chuckled. "You'll have to do better." He took a blow to the side of Matthew's head.

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