Chapter 10: Leather and Velvet

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Robin's POV

Two green vortexes. That was the last thing I saw before plunging into a swirl of beige and yellow. It seems like I can't move my arms at all, just floating or falling? Into an eerie manic world. Kaa, sure does know to how to look more terrifying than his name.

I've faced several giant fire breathing winged lizards but a 70 ft. long talking boa who can hypnotize? Damn, I did not see that coming. I've spent nearly a week I guess, just searching for Red and the others. Meanwhile, I've noticed that the jungle seemed noisier than before, chirps sounds more like gossips and growls became complaints. Oh, and I bet Snow is going to throw a fit at this. Anyhow back at being hypnotized.

Look into my eyesss...

That was both cringey and terrifying, and why is Ella stopping us? Even a talking bear and a strict panther hates Kaa.

Oh how well fate plays itsss part

"Let us go!" I heard a voice echoing from my left, Red

Red, THE Red Ridinghood. Oh how I want to tasssste a drop of blood from someone who wastes otherssss

"Don't you dare, you worm!!!" I shouted

My, your lordship

"You don't know what you're talking about Kaa, now let these nobles go!" Another voice said, I bet it's the panther

Are you sssure about that, Bagheera?

"Shut up and let us go, we don't want to waste our time!" I replied

Really? Don't you want to know why the famous Red wasss known for her name, LORD LOXLEY?!

The name immediately results into an excruciating pain in my head, like a hot rod of iron shove into my very brain.

"SHUT UP!" I said

"What do you mean, Kaa? Do you know who I am?" Red asked

"No! Red, don't let him fool you!" I replied, this worm is playing tricks in our minds

"Robin, please" Red said with desperation in her voice

"Robin, Red... you need to trust him" Said a voice that could've been Ella's

If I let my emotions drive me, this would get us nowhere and be trapped in this nauseating view of green and yellow dimensional soup but it could also harm the others especially Red.

"A wisdom to be trusted from one that always lies"

The prophecy had said, maybe Ella was right. I have come to a point that I stopped resisting, I mean there's no point at this. If he wants to talk, then I'll give him one.

"Fine, what do you want?"

Words my Lord for I guess that you are the one that needs me

"Stop calling me that!"

"Tell us everything Kaa" Red sighed, I guess she's already ahead that we should trust Kaa since it's in the prophecy.

Very well

At the end of his words, a strong gust of wind sucked me into oblivion and tossed me into a polished hardwood facefirst.


I looked around only to find a magnificent hall with rich mahogany walls with paintings of unfamiliar knights, a dozen windows with yellow stained-glass circled the room allowing golden light in. Expensive pots and chandeliers were scattered on the floor and ceiling as curtains of emerald silk draped along the sides of the manor.

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