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     "I'm visiting my father—this weekend

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     "I'm visiting my father—this weekend."

     Red couldn't believe the words coming out of Beverly's mouth. It was as though he knew for a fact, that Beverly had never once stepped foot inside of a jail—let alone one where his father had been kept for the last ten years.

     As the older boy looked over at Beverly in surprise, Beverly raised an eyebrow, as though waiting for Red to judge him. "Have you ever visited him before?"


     "Do you have a ride?"


     Red paused, sighing in defeat. "So . . . let me guess, I'm your ride?"

     Beverly doesn't respond, his lips curling into a small, pleading smile, both hands connected before him. "Please, Red. I'll do anything."

     Red didn't understand the warmth that roamed his chest when Beverly smiled up at him, his eyes more pleading than his lips.

Red shrugged, "I'll see how I'm feeling when the time comes."

"I'm going tomorrow . . . I asked around the other day, and I'm sure we can just gps directions. Please, Red."

Red took a deep breath, inhaling the cigarette that was placed at his lips. "Fine."

Beverly didn't waste anytime, practically jumping into Red's arms, his feet being lifted off of the ground. "Thank you so much, Red. You have no idea what this means to me."

Beverly paused when he noticed how unconvinced Red seemed, so, he placed a hand at his neck, leaning in to land a swift kiss at his cheek. "I'm serious. I haven't seen my dad since I was ten, but tomorrow I will—all because of you."

Red's jaw clenched at how strong the urge to grab Beverly's face in his hands and kiss him was. But, he knew he couldn't. With a father like Esteban, and a mother like Norma, the last thing Beverly needed was to get involved with someone like Red.

And Red was sure to stop his feelings from progressing at every course.

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