Ch. 13

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~February 12, 2012~

❤👑❤Arielle's POV❤👑❤


***Ring! Ring!***

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***Ring! Ring!***

    I pick up my phone, seeing the caller ID is Alice.
    "Hello? Alice?" I answer.
    "Arielle, it's Bella. I saw her jump off a cliff." I hear Alice's frantic voice say.
    "Is she dead?" I ask.
    "I don't know, I didn't see her resurface or get rescued." She answers.
    "What about Edward?" I question.
    "I haven't told him, I'm going to Forks, I have to know." She says, hanging up.
    I place my phone down thinking if I should tell Edward or not. She's his mate, he has the right to know. I grab my phone dialing his number and waiting.
    "Hello?" He asks.
    "Edward, Alice called. She had a vision...about Bella. She saw Bella jump off a cliff, Alice didn't see her resurface or anything, she's going to Forks to know if Bella is okay or not." I tell him and I hear his unnecessary breathing hitch, then the line goes dead.
    "I hope he doesn't do anything drastic." I think to myself.

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