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Raynare floated the green orb above her hands. 

Raynare "I've been lusting for this power for years!"

She placed it into her chest and moaned as it entered her chest. She was covered in a lime green aura as she turned around.

Raynare "Finally! I'll be the most powerful fallen angel! All those people who doubted me before will regret the day they messed with me!"

You saw Issei start charging towards her and dodged 2 stray priests light swords. Blonde and shorty helped him by clearing a path through the crowd. Issei went all the way to Asia and got her off the chains. You took the ax off from its holster and slammed it into the ground, bringing the attention of everyone in the room. You slammed your fist together and cracked your knuckles.

I'm going to enjoy this.

A surge of power flew threw your body, and your fists became engulfed in red fire. You shot forward and grabbed Issei and brought him to the door. 

Go, I'll take care of them.

Issei "But-

Just go, we'll meet up with you in a little.

Issei "I promise, next time you won't need to bust me out."

With that, he ran out of the room, and you turned to face the crowd. 

You two, get out of the way.

They backed up next to you and got behind you.

They're mine.

You jumped forward and punched one of the priests, making his face cave in. You swung your other fist into one of the others priests and sent him flying into the roof. You jumped back and they cornered you, but you jumped up and slammed your fists into the ground; blowing everyone in front of you in a wide area back into the wall with a trail of fire left on the ground. 5 of the priests survived, you picked up a piece of the ground and threw it at them which crashed into them. 

All done.

The fire around your fists died down and you heard a clink. You looked and a glass container was near you. It exploded and sent you into a wall. When you opened your eye's again you were on the ground. You pushed yourself up and felt the cold air touch your skin.


You looked and saw your cloak was blown into a million pieces. You looked and saw the two devils just looking at you.

Blonde "Holy hell."

Shorty "All those scars."

You looked in a mirror on the wall next to you and saw that your bare chest was now exposed, along with your face. Your F/c colored eye's, H/l H/c hair, and your many, many battle scars. 

( Not your face, but the chest is yours. )


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