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        Two weeks after collecting her grimoires from Mystic Falls Arianna had yet to shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. What she was beginning to find even more unnerving was how easy things was seemingly going.

While herself and Lydia was in Mystic Falls she didn't see a single member of the mystic falls scooby gang that was responsible for killing Finn and Kol. Her visit went by completely unnoticed, while normally she would have been followed by them at all times and accused of being around to cause chaos.

She didn't even bump into any of them at the Mystic Grill.

It was the easiest time spent in Mystic Falls since she was still a human siphoner, in fact it was so easy it made her certain that something terrible was surely going to happen soon.

When her phone rang a couple of minutes past midnight on October 30th Arianna was immediately alert, grabbing her phone she almost dreaded what she was about to hear.

However, her dread quickly turned to irritation.

Stiles was the one who had called her, woke her up at midnight, to ask for her help playing a prank on Coach.

Arianna didn't agree to get up in the middle of the night for a bloody prank, in fact she informed Stiles to only call her at such a ridiculous time if there was an actual emergency.

Tribrid or not, Arianna had always enjoyed her sleep. She most certainly did not appreciate being woken up unless it was for a very good reason. Even her most obnoxious sibling Niklaus though twice about waking Arianna up when she was sleeping.

The following day when Arianna pulled up for her first official day as a student at Beacon Hills high school. Climbing out of her car clutching a flask of coffee she made her way over to Scott, Stiles, Isaac and the twins.

"Morning Arianna," greeted Stiles looking sheepish when she turned and glared at him.

"I hate mornings," Arianna yawned, "I remembered why I haven't been back to school since the seventies now."

Yawning again Arianna watched as Scott turned towards the twins as Isaac angrily stared at them both.

"You're back in school?"

"No, just to talk." Ethan stated calmly.

"Oh." Scoffed Stiles, "That's kind of a change of pace for you guys. Usually, you're just hurting, maiming, and killing."

Arianna briefly wondered if Stiles had yet to realise she herself had killed a lot more people that Ethan and Aiden. In fact she'd lost count along the centuries, but, as she opened her mouth she decided it was far to early to debate the morality of her past. Instead she took a couple of mouthfuls of coffee and rested her head on Isaac's arm.

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