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I looked around my new room, putting my bags on the bed to the left of me. I took a deep breath, nervous to meet my new roommate. I wasn't ready for this year.

The beginning of every year got hard for me, as I tried to make sure my roommates were tolerable. I didn't want to end up with someone I couldn't stand.

I opened up my suitcase, going through the items inside. I brought only essentials and things I could fit. Clothes, things I wore, and bathroom essentials. I didn't have much with me. I'd never had a lot of things.

I began to unpack the luggage and fold the clothing neatly, laying them inside the drawer. I heard someone enter the dorm. They must've been my roommate.

I turned around to see who it was. A brunette girl saw me and smiled. "Hi, I'm Selene. I'm assuming you're my new roommate?"

I nodded and put my clothes down. "I'm Eliana. I won't bother you much. I am usually pretty quiet and I don't have any friend to come hang out with me. It's just me and my books."

I tilted her head. "You're a lone wolf?"

"Whatever that is, I'm it." I pointed at her, nodding again.

She laughed a bit and set her stuff on the other bed. "Don't worry. We can be friends. I think it's a good idea to get along with the person you live with. Besides, everyone needs a friend. Without friends, how do we feel like we mean anything?" She shrugged.

I was a bit surprised. I hadn't ever met someone like her before. Most people refused to make the effort to befriend me.

"So, Elli, do you mind if I call you that?" she asked. I shook my head and she went on, "I was thinking that maybe we could help each other out. You don't seem like the social type. I can help you with that. Is there anything you're good at that could help me?"

"I'm good with school..." I didn't know how to properly respond to her. She was really beginning to confuse me at the core.

She nodded. "Great! I suck, so we can help each other in those areas and be great friends. What should we do first, new roomie?" She smiled big.

This girl was so different. How could someone like this exist? I could never answer that question. I never would be able to.

"I'm not too sure. This is all new to me." I gestured to the room.

She came over and peeked at my stuff. "I think maybe we could go shopping. I have to get some new decorations and I could find out what your taste is. I can tell that you're an interesting person."

I took my bag with me and walked around the school. I was trying to get myself on my feet, looking for any clues. I kept myself moving.

The floor was made of a dark, thin carpet to keep my heels silent. The walls were a plain white color, making it look classic and uniform. The windows were at the end of the halls where the doors to the outside stood. Classrooms, bathrooms, and offices lined every hallway.

I looked at the picture of her that hung on the wall in the main hallway. It hung by itself, surrounded by flowers that were sitting in vases on a stand in front of her picture. Everyone was remembering her now. Everyone was finally giving her the proper memorial she deserved.

The halls were empty, as everyone was ready for Christmas. Classrooms were closed down. This Christmas felt unforgettable.

I walked outside, into the snow, forgetting that I was only wearing a skirt. I couldn't be bothered to wear something warm.

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