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My Directioner Boyfriend

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Okay, so I have had this idea stuck in my head forever, and I need to get it out of my brain! I know, I'm selfish for putting myself in yet another story, but thats how I write! I'm the main character in a majority of the stories I write! I hope you guys enjoy this first chapter, even though you might not.. But thats fine! And please, dont call me selfish. I'm very sorry if you dont like it.. 


Jake's POV  

I looked around the school, and down the rolling hills of Weston Middle School. I try not to interact with anyone, having the fear of being called what my brothers have called me everyday since they looked at my You Tube history. Faggot, queer, pussy, anything else you could think that would hurt a guy. Okay, lets just lay this down on the table. I'm a Directioner. I had kept it a secret for a long time, but then I made the mistake of not logging out of You Tube on my laptop before letting one of my brothers use it.  He started laughing really hard, and I looked at him confused. He points at me and says, 

"Fag!" and keeps laughing. It was the worst moment of my life. Then it started spreading throught the school, and my current girlfriend had found out. She broke up with me, saying there was no way she could date the school fag. I told my mom, and she decided it was best if I moved to live with my aunt in Athena,Oregon. I didnt know her very well, and had never been to Athena. I live in Montana, in  one of the large citys, so I go to a big school. Athena is a farm town. It's basically like a farmer put a town in the middle of an overly large wheat field. And now as I stand here, looking for a friend, someone who just might not judge me, I hear loud booming laughter comming from behind me. I turn and its a girl, with red skinny jeans, a striped top, and black skinny suspeneders. 'Louis Tomlinson' I automatically think. No way. I finnaly get the courage to talk to her, and she's walking my direction. Hehe. Anyway, I decide now is the time to talk to her. 

"Hi. I'm Jake." I say, turning up the charm. Well, what little I had left.

"Hi. I'm Lynn." she says, tucking her hair behind her ear. Her hair was dark and thick, and barely fit behind her ear. 

"Um.. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, like maybe after school or something..?" I asked, feeling nervous. 

"Hm. I dont think I can. I've got volleyball. But, two questions. First, do you have a number, and if you do, can I have it?" She asked confidantly.

"Yeah, here." and then we exchanged numbers. 

"Okay, I'll text you. Last thing. And you cant lie about this. What do you think of One Direction?" I cant lie? But what if she calls me what everyone else does? She's actually the first nice person I've talked to in a while, and I dont want to lose that, but I cant lie. I take a deep breath. 

"I'm a huge fan." Her eyes got wide, and I could see the words forming in her mind. She smiled, and hugged me. 

"Your so amazing." she said, hugging me tighter. It felt.. Undescribable. I could wrap my mind around someone likeing me for being a directioner.

 "Uh. Really?" I say, still feeling confused. 

"Yeah! Guy directioners are even cooler then girls! You are now my best friend." she said, pulling me to the cafeteria. 

"What are we doing?" 

"Getting free food. You dont want to?" 

"Not really..." 

"Okay! Then we can hang out outside!" She said, pulling me to the front steps. She turned to me, and evaluated my outfit. "Liam Payne." she said, and turned around to pick up her backpack. Wow, she was good. I was wearing a button down shirt, with jeans and converse. Without thinking I said. 

"We're LiLo." she turned and looked at me. 

"Omg, we are! Yes!"  She said, and then laughed at herself. A bell rang, and she looked at her phone which was in her pocket. 

"We've got five minutes to get to class. Do you have guitar?" I knodded, and she led me to the room. "Okay. Meet me on the steps after the bell, okay?" I once again knodded, and she took off down the stairs that seemed never ending. She made it to the bottom, and ran into the building that was there. I smiled, and walked in, where I was greeted by a older man with white hair strumming his guitar. Today is going to be a weird day, thats all I can say. 

Lynn's POV

He was gorgeous. And he talked to me. The icing on the cake? HE'S A DIRECTIONER! I tried to calm myself as I walked into band, but I couldnt stop smiling. 

"What are you so happy about?" my friend Ashley asked me. 

"Oh, nothing, just a good day I guess." I say, pulling my flute from the cabinet. I try to calm myself. But one thing doesn't leave my mind. He is an exact look alike of Liam Payne. God, I need to get my head back on my shoulders. He probably just needed someone to lead him to his next class, right? I'm right, right? Of course I am. I'm always right... Right? His dazzling smile still hasnt left my mind. I try to focus on the song we're working on right now, which has a bunch of solo flute parts, which means I have a bunch of solos. I'm the lone flute. I have one more year, and then I will have fellow flutes in the high school. I play a little bit of the song, and then take a deep breath. I have to stop thinking about Liam. I mean, Jake. Ugh, I feel more frustrated then a jellyfish in a square. I swear, he's realted or something! God! Why am I yelling at myself!? I'm brought out of my thoughts when I hear our band teacher saying we can pack up. I put my flute and stuff away, and head to the stairs. I go up as fast as my legs will allow me, and thats not very fast..  I'm weazing when I make it to the top of the steps, and sit down on a step, waiting for Jake. I take deep breaths, trying to not die from lack of oxygen. I finally catch my breath. I look at everyone lining up for P.E, and the bell still hasn't rung. Just then I hear it, and I stand so I dont get trampled. He walks out, and smiles at me. I smile back, but I see Ashley's eyes light up, and she goes into instant flirt mode. I love that girl to death, but she dates every guy she thinks is cute. Basicaly, she's a flirt. And she could be better than that. She walks up to him, and he starts to look awkward. I gotta go help him. But I see Ashley back away slowly, amusment in her eyes. 

"Omg, he is so gay. He likes One Direction." and he hung his head, and walked past me. 

"NO! Why do you say that? He is not gay!" I say, aggitated. I go to him, and make him look at me. "Jake." and he keeps looking at the ground. "Jake, listen, I know I dont know you very well yet, but dont listen to what they call you. Its not worth listening to. Please. Your an amazing person to me. That should count for something, right?" I say, trying not to cry. He looked so sad. I barely know this guy, and I'm already sticking up for him. 

"Yeah. And Lynn?" 


"Thanks." he said, before flashing me a grin, and stepping into the boys line. I felt so horrible, and wish I could protect him from all the hate. I get made fun of for being a directioner too. Tons of directionaters in my school. It really sucks, but this year, I made a resolution to be completely myself. I'm not letting an "image" hold me back from being the real me. 


Ello loves! Hope you enjoyed. Lynn is my middle name, and I got inspiration to use my middle name from the person this is dedicated to! :D Love you, and I am working on 1Derful Contest now, so be watching for that! :D


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