The Beast arises

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Kessler: Everything goes according to plan...

A huge magma Beast got out of the portal, it roared and creating a powerful fiery wave which knocking down everyone.

Kessler: My task completed...

Azazel: Hey, wait!

Azazel created a light spear that he wanted to throw at Kessler, but only saw him teleporting somewhere far away.

Azazel: Damn it... Anyway... now we have more serious problems...

The giant attacked with his huge hand and incinerated a huge group of rebel soldiers. Many of the rebels tried to beat the Beast with their magic, but he didn't even pay attention to it, as if it didn't inflict any damage on him! Azazel noticed that some angels decided to attack the giant. He immediately called Michael.

Azazel: Michael, order the retreat, now!

Michael: What? You don't see who... what appeared on the battlefield-?

Azazel: This is F/N!

Michael: What? How...-?

When Michael wanted to finish his sentence, the Beast turned to the angels attacking him, his hand was covered with concrete and he crushed them with one attack!

Azazel: He can combine powers?!

The place where Rias was, was in ruins, Azazel decided to send someone to check if there is anything with them. At that time Shalba was the only one not covered with rubble.

Shalba: What is this power...? I can't lose with something like that!

Shalba summoned several magical circles that fired multiple missiles at the monster that turned towards him and from his giant hand fired a wide beam of light that covered entire Shalba! When the light disappeared, there was no trace of Shalba, and in the place where he stood, there was a huge hole. The Beast continued the massacre of Khaos Brigade and Alliance troops, when two fallen angels flew into the ruined castle.

Mittelt: Quickly Kalawarner! We must find them, or Azazel will punish us again!

The fallen angels began to throw rubble until they finally managed to save Rias and the rest of her peerage.

Rias: *cough *cough What happens...?

Kalawarner: We have to run away from here Gremory, your friend fell into a rage and and destroyes everything.

Everyone looked at the magma Beast, who easily destroyed all magical barriers created by allies.

Rias: We must-

Kalawarner: We must flee from here, this is Azazel's order.

The fallen angels together with the Rias team withdrew away from the battlefield. At that time, Azazel decided to stop F/N. He rose into the air and created a huge, several meters long spear of light, which he threw into the Beast. The monster's body, however, absorbed spear, he turned towards Azazel, created a fireball and threw it at Azazel, who unsuccessfully tried to protect himself with magical shields. Governor General of the Fallen Angels was dented in mountain and his whole body was severely burned.

Azazel: Ouch... This power is even more powerful than my own.... It seems to me that Michael and Sirzechs will not have a chance either...

Suddenly, blue angels appeared in the air, the Eugene's creatures. Video angels began to shoot at the Beast with a blue laser. The monster destroyed them with one stroke, but the number of angels were constantly increasing, and after a while, one huge, several meters angel with golden armour, appeared.

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