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I watched the snow fall, bringing a cold feeling to the earth. I couldn't think of a time when I hadn't seen snow and felt sad. It would always remind me of her.

I couldn't seem to stop thinking about her. It just felt so wrong without her here. It didn't feel like home. I missed the feeling of laughing with her. She made me so happy. It felt so natural.

This room was lonely now, even if I was still alive. I missed that moment where I had to wake her up for school. I wanted her to tell me about the drama that she got involved in. I wanted to listen to her go on about things she felt passionate about, things that made her whole world worth living. But she wasn't even alive...

I felt sick for the home I missed living with her. I felt like a stranger in this room. I was an intruder who didn't belong, disrespecting the depths of friendship she left behind here.

She was everything. She was my friend, sister, cousin, and more. She made me feel like I mattered to this world. She made this a home that would now forever be empty and broken. The hollowness swallowed me up, threatening to take my place. I would be nothing without her existence.

She was always the life of this room. She brought that energy. I couldn't feel at home without her bringing me there. I forgot what it felt like for the moment to have her here. This would've been my first Christmas with someone who actually wanted to be around me. Now, my home was torn apart. Nothing felt right. Everything in this room felt like the empty box left in grandma's basement. Selene was never coming home again.

"Elli, you have to do it like this." She groaned and pulled the hair back, showing me how to properly french braid my own hair.

I smiled a bit. "Can't you just do my hair? We can bond this way."

She looked at me through the mirror in front of us. "You'll never learn if I do it for you. I won't always be around." She hadn't known how true that statement was at the time. Unfortunately, I couldn't french braid without her to this day.

"Why do you call me Elli?" I tried to grab my hair the way she did hers, but I was making a tangled mess.

"Why not? Your name is Eliana. Elli is the short version. I think everyone deserves a nickname. It makes them feel more bonded and involved in the relationship." She shrugged. She watched me screw up my hair and sighed. "Let me do it."

I smiled and let go of my hair. I just didn't like doing my own hair. I enjoyed the feeling of someone doing it for me. That's why I always just threw it up in a bun. I didn't know how to do anything else.

She stood behind me, brushing through my hair. She began to braid it, humming. "Liam is amazing. Last night he took us out to a really beautiful restaurant. When someone spilled wine on my dress, he didn't go crazy like other dates. A man who can control his temper is a keeper." She smiled at me through the mirror.

I smiled back. "I'm glad you found your true love story."

"You'll find one, too. Any man who doesn't want you is crazy. You might be quiet, but the quiet ones also have so much to say. He will love hearing what you have to think about everything." She finished my hair, tying it up with a ponytail. "Beautiful."

I watched her and felt the braid. "When we leave this place, will we stay in touch?"

She came to the side of me and sat. "Of course. Elli, you are my friend. I will always be there for you. Everyone needs support. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on."

I let the tears fall. "Come back, Selene. I need support and I need a shoulder to cry on."

I heard a knock on my door. It was ruining my moment. I wiped my tears as I answered the door. Liam noticed my state. "Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to come at a bad time."

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