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When Nick Hartman stepped into the kitchen, everyone stopped and stared. Some in awe of what he would do, some sizing him up in hope of what he could do.

Nick was a tall man for a human, coming in at six-foot-four-inches, and while he was thin, he had a wiry strength about him that could be seen beneath his dark blue henley shirt.

Nikolaas Hartman had been born to one very dependable father and a rather flighty mother. Though he loved both of them equally, he had always been quite happy that it was he that took after his father and not Vincent.

Dependability was stamped across every part of Nick. It was in the certain way he walked, the measured way he spoke, even in the calm, assured look as he assessed a room. Within minutes, there was not a person in the Reeves house that doubted the impossible would be possible with this man.

Nick's deep voice reassured the group even as he cautioned them of the dangers and uncertainties involved in his undertaking. "I want you to understand that no human has done what I'm attempting to do. I don't know exactly how or if this will work at all."

Jorah nodded. "We understand. But do not fear, because if you fail, we will never know."

The others nodded. If Nick failed, all Atlantians would die on that day thousands of years ago. If that happened, the whole timeline will have changed. Maybe there would never be DNA experiments, maybe this disease would never be created. Perhaps mankind would live in blissful happiness for centuries more, perhaps they would create something different, something worse. There was no knowing what a different future would be like.

"That is true," Nick said, "My colleagues and I have done so much brainstorming on this but there are so many variables, it is impossible to predict an outcome. I will, however, do my best not to change the new future."

Jorah showed Nick the vial and the DNA gun, explaining that Mako would soon be here to make more of the cure. Nick would need a full vial to take back to the original Atlantis and innoculate their ancestors.

Nick picked up the DNA gun and turned it in his hands. "And what do I do with this?"

Jorah showed him the small bullets. "I believe these are filled with the DNA that will make us Atlantians who we are now."

Nick looked from the vial of the cure to the DNA gun. "So you don't need the cure for yourselves?"

"No," Jora pointed to the bullets. "Once you give the cure and this DNA to our forebears, it will be naturally passed down to us. Those will make us impervious to the disease, to almost all disease. We don't need the cure, we are the cure."

Nick nodded. He stood lost in thought for a moment, then said to Jorah, "I will need you to tell me everything about the time Atlantis was destroyed. Who your ancestors were, where they will be, anything you know that will help me find the right people to give these to."

Jorah walked Nick into the living room as Mike and Azurine handed out refreshments. It would almost have seemed like a happy gathering of some sort, if not for the seriousness of the matter. 

Ian and Sonora sat side-by-side on the couch, Ian's arm wrapped snuggly around her. When Nick scanned the room, his gaze lingered on them. It reminded him of the fiancée he would be leaving behind. He sat near the couple and asked about their story.

Sonora's eyes brightened as she glanced at Ian. "I'm Blake's granddaughter and one-quarter Atlantian. Ian is entirely Atlantian." She gave him a small account of their meeting.

Nick nodded thoughtfully, then pointed at Mike and Azurine. "I would like the history of both of your families too."

Confusion covered their faces.

Nick nodded at Ian and Sonora. "In order for this couple to meet, I'll need to do what I can to make sure you and all your generations of family survive. I have my own ideas of how that can happen."

Comprehension dawned on some faces, while bewilderment still covered others. Nick didn't find that surprising, this was a complicated subject. "You see," Nick said, "I've already tried this and failed, or someone has, or else Atlantians wouldn't exist now." Nods of understanding started among the group. "I suspect the 'cure' or Atlantan DNA should also be given out to others besides just Atlantians, to humans. That is why some humans either get a mild case of this AgFlu or don't get it at all."

"So you think we're all a little bit Atlantian?" Mike asked.

Nick smiled. "So to speak, I guess. Though it would be more proper to say some humans have a bit of this DNA we are going to inject into the Atlantians. The actual Atlantian people will mix with other DNA enhanced people, so their differences from humans will grow stronger with each generation. Any humans I inject will mix with others that have not had the DNA so the DNA will be diluted but it is apparently enough for them to be naturally immune to the disease.

He ran a hand across his chin. "And that way if there is no way to stop this disease from being created and released, at least some will live. At least, in the new timeline."

"New timeline?" Azurine asked a frown on her face.

Nick looked around the room. "I'm afraid we aren't sure how this works, we suspect a new timeline is made every time history changes." Nick shook his head. "But it doesn't really matter. Right now, we are only concerned with this."

Mike let out a sharp chuckle. "This is even more difficult than I imagined it would be."

The group burst into laughter just as a sharp knock was heard on the kitchen door.

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