I woke up in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar bed, covered in unfamiliar blankets. I sat up and rubbed the sleep away from my eyes and looked around.

The room was dark besides a small amount of light emitting from behind the curtains. I stepped out of the bed and padded over to the window opening the curtains.

Looking out I noticed a front lawn and the familiar blue jeep I saw last night at the high school. My car was parked by the curb a little ways down.

I walked to the door and opened it slightly peeking my head out. No one was around. I made my way down the stairs and there was the one and only Stiles sprawled out on the couch, snoring. I chuckled to myself.

"Morning." A voice said from behind me. I whipped around to face Mr. Stlilinski.

"Morning.." I said hesitantly.

"Stiles brought you here cause he found you passed out in the parking lot. I went and got you car. And don't worry I'm not going to make to go to the hospital or anything Lydia told me it happens a lot." He explained and I nodded me head.

"Well I'm off to work! You should probably head home for school." He said. When he walked passed Stiles he shook him a little bit causing Stiles to flail around and roll off the couch. He groaned in pain and I just laughed and followed the sheriff out the door.

I drove home and started getting ready for my joyful first day of school which technically I didn't have to go to considering I turn twenty-two in the fall. I was only doing this for Lydia. She said it would be good to get to know everyone and help with the situation at hand. I thought it was stupid but I'd do anything for Lydia. She was and is my only best friend.

As for the money well let's just say I had a lot left for me.

I finished getting ready and left for the school. I met Lydia in the parking lot and we began talking about what happened last night.

"So a man told you to research your father?" Lydia asked and I nodded my head. She furrowed her brow and hummed a little bit.

"I don't know what it means but I'm going to figure this out. I'm tired of having all these dreams and headaches and not knowing how to control it. If I can read minds that would be awesome too but I wouldn't know becaue this is all so damn confusing." I ranted.

"Lacey we are going to figure this out I swear. After school you should look into what happened to your father. It could have something to do with your "powers" If thats what you want to call them." She explained as I followed her to her locker.

"That's the thing though, nothing happened to my father. He just disappeared."

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A/N Hi guys! I'm sorry this chapter isn't very interesting. You learn a little bit about Lacey's past! I'm sorry updating has been slow I've been extremely busy with school and lots of stuff and I've been sick but it should be a lot faster now since the season has ended! What did you think of the finale!?

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