Chapter 2

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What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

After we both received some medical attention, our wounds started to slowly recover. The healer asked that we stayed a little longer so he could check up on our conditions before we went back to Sanctuary. Tyrael readily agreed, saying that it was better to be safe for our sakes.

Lyndon did not pass up on the opportunity to stay in the high heavens. Even though there was no booze or harem full of beautiful women, I knew the reason he was so eager to spend more time there. I chuckled at the thought and agreed to stay in the heavens for the next twenty-four hours.

Tyrael made sure that both Lyndon and I had separate rooms with beds similar to that in the mortal world. I smiled seeing a simple bed and a table stand with a small chair next to it. The sight made me awfully nostalgic.

I couldn't help but checked every corner of the room for anything that could compromise my own safety. I knew we were in the heavens but who knew someone might want to kill me while I maybe in a deep slumber. After what happened, even some angels weren't so trustworthy.

I sighed with relief after a quick check up, finding nothing suspicious and continued to the table. Leaving my bows, quiver and all my armour pieces on the table, I then loaded an arrow onto a small hand crossbow. "It won't hurt to take a precaution." I slid under the cover and lied down after putting the crossbow securely against the bed, where it could be reached easily. A smile spread across my face at the comfort the bed was giving me. How long had it been since I laid down and rested like this?

As I closed my eyes, the smile faded turning into a deep frown. What appeared in my mind surprised me.

Earlier in the hall, Imperius sat by his throne, watching us while we were being treated. With his chin resting on the back of his right hand, one would assume that he was probably bored out of his mind. That, or wishing that I was killed instead.

I opened my eyes, still frowning at the image in my head. I could not read his expression with that helm on and it frustrated me. None of these angels' faces were shown under their hoods, as if it was the most sacred thing in the creation. Whereas, Imperius had a full battle helm on which made it even more frustrating that I could not even see the dark shadow a hood would cast where his face maybe.

I let out another sigh and attempted to turn on my side. Though I had to stop myself half way. "Ouch...," I gritted my teeth and stayed put. The pain was still there and would protest every time I tried to move too abruptly. All the pain now was even more prominent, long after the fight with Malthael ended.

I tried to think about something else but it would only last a few seconds. Now, frustrated with myself that my mind was also a mess, I decided to check on Lyndon, hoping he didn't wander around carelessly in the Silver City.


The more I pondered about this mortal, the more shameful I became. As a leader and the carrier of the name bestowed to me, archangel of Valor, what did I lack of that I could not possibly rid of those enemies? What did that half breed have that I do not?

I quietly sighed as I strode along the bridge of light, not conscious of where it may lead when I spotted the nephalem wandering around. As I saw her from afar, I took flight and followed her quietly.

She stopped by the room where her companion was given to stay. I watched her as she knocked on the door but there was no answer. She hesitantly pressed her ear against the door. I wondered what she was upto. Were these two companions, by any chance, involved in a romantic affair? At the mere thought, I became irritable. At critical times, what had these two been doing?

I shook the thought out of my mind and continued to watch her. There seemed to be no occupant in the room. She stepped back and walked off in the direction of the Gardens of Hope. What in the name of Anu...? Who gave her the rights to be wandering around in the high heavens? Still, I followed.

At last, we reached Auriel's domain. I stopped outside, still hovering, as she made her way in. Once she was inside, I used my ability to listen.

"You will be recovered in no time and with that high spirit of yours, I have no doubt you will be at full strength again soon." That was Auriel. Who was she talking to?

"Oh, I planned on this. I need lots of energy for... er, a lot of things that I do." A male's voice. Could this be the nephalem's companion? What was he doing in Auriel's domain? Bewildered, I kept on listening.

"Lyndon! There you are. I've been looking for you. Auriel..." There was a slight pause in the nephalem's speech. "It is nice to see you again, Lady Auriel." It made me sick. I could almost hear the smile in her voice.

As the conversation carried on, I could no longer stand my own curiosity and annoyance. I barged in the hall. "Who gave you two the permission to wander around in the Silver City carelessly?" I asked, my voice thick with frustration.

They all turned to face me then, the mortals seemed to be taken aback but not Auriel. "Imperius, I was wondering when you were going to come in," Auriel started casually. She knew I was eavesdropping outside. I did not care and continued, "Answer me, nephalem!" I demanded. The female's body flinched as I finished but she did not have time to speak.

"It was I who invited them here. I only wanted to have conversations with them. I found them... interesting." Auriel again. Why was she defending them against me?

"Yes! I, er, also wanted to say hello to Auriel. It has been some time since I last saw her. And I love her company!" The male mortal responded. I do not trust him but Auriel was covering for these two like they were her pets. I do not want to have any more conflicts with my fellow brethren than I already had.

"Fine. They'd better not be setting their filthy feet somewhere they were not meant to be," I said disapprovingly, directed it at Auriel. The female mortal's face was stern and her composure rigid. I wondered again what was going through her mind. She looked like she had something to say to me but I could not care any less. I then abruptly turned and disappeared from Auriel's domain.

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