Favorite show

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Loxo: We got an ask from our lour and savior!!!! Yay!!!

Another? Wow...

Bishop: Yay!

Sunset: Oh, joy! What is it?

*looks at the ask* What's our favorite show. We all have to answer that question

Voodoo: Discovery channel!

...Voodoo, you live in a forest. How do you even know that exists?

Dusk: You can still get TV in a forest.. anyways , I really liked Courage the cowardly dog when I was able to watch tv... before the demon eyes

...What, where the bloody fck is the logic in that?

Voodoo: Actually...I may or may not have gone down to a nearby area with humans and peeking through their window and watched that show...

Is that what you do instead of patrolling the area?

Voodoo: What! No! Believe me, I do patrol the territory!

Loxo: Suuuure!

Voodoo: Loxo!!!

Sunset: Now you two! Please no arguing!

Ricochet: I like to watch Tosh.O

Sunset: Tosh...o? What's that exactly, Ricochet?

Ricochet: Its a television series hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh.

Is he Mexican?

Ricochet: No

Not interested.

Sunset: Klasserrrrr.....

Dusk: Aye we all have our preferences

Loxo: Like how I prefer my ships!!!

No one asked you, Loxo

Loxo: Hmf! I like the show- uh... um.... what's it called- It's an anime!! Has so many ships!

Oh for fck sake...

Bishop: Do you know anything else about it?

Loxo: Oh! Umm... gah, I can't remember! It's at the tip of my tongues!

While he tries remembering...um... Silence? Your favorite show?

Silence: I like watching cooking shows.

Sunset: Cooking shows?

They're nothing beneficial.

Bishop: They would be if you would watch them.. you kitchen disaster attractor

Listen here you disco ball a cat! I have and sht still burst into flames!

Bishop: ... Sure

....This is why I gotta hunt my food. Least that doesn't burst in flames...

Dusk: I thought you just go to the nearest decent resteraunt... then again.. that would explain the blood... unless you kill the workers..

*casual whistle*

Silence: *laughs*

Sunset: What situations do you get yourself when not around the pack!


Bishop: Interesting ones.

Sunset: And what are those? An example of one, please!


Loxo: *looks at the camera* What you're witnessing right now is a brave alpha being slightly submissive towards a she-wolf!

Loxo I outta throw you out the window...

Silence: Now Crescent, we don't want anyone to be harmed do we?

Bishop: Ok here's an example. One time my twin tried to open a door and the doorknob came off.


Sunset: Oh my- *giggles* Surely it wasn't that bad, was it?


Dusk: According to Alpha's response... yes

Bishop: I have a picture.

Do you always gave pictures of my failures?

Voodoo: Have you taken a picture of Loxo stuck inside a log?


Ricochet: When did that happen and why wasn't I there to see it?

Sunset: Well...Loxo was chasing a squirrel that went into a log so Loxo followed it....resulting him to get stuck inside the log and tumble down the hill with us following. Klasser got a few splinters from it

Loxo: Sunset! You weren't supposed to say that!

Voodoo: You likely didn't get to witness it since you're not really in the pack, Ricochet. No offense.

Ricochet: True... wish I was though... I'm kinda lonely when we aren't answering asks or dares...

Loxo: Be lonely no more! Rose will let you join the pack! Right? Of course!

...I didn't even say yes... we'll discuss this later, we're getting side tracked. Sunset, what's your favorite show?

Sunset: Oh? Hmm... Anything with history in it. I strive to learn more about the outer world after all.

Seems like you. Bishop?

Bishop: Well I like to watch youtube mostly but there is this paranormal investigation tv show I like... Paranormal Lockdown.

Same over here. Reminds me of a TV series called Ghost adventures.

Bishop: Ooh I've heard of that one.

It's fantastic. I had watched it on Netflix before along with this series called Call of The Wild Man where this guy captures critters with his bare hands. From an ostrich to snakes. Also another show called River monster where this Fisher goes out trying to fish that hold myths or legends in villages. They're all great shows that I'd watch so much. Let's include pokemon because who could forget about that?

Bishop: No one can forget about that.

Let's not forget about popeye and the legendary teen titans. The original...not the crappy one...

Bishop: Never was a big fan of teen titans... but it had its good episodes.

I'm disowning you. I'm filing for divorce. You're no longer my twin.

Bishop Aye I just prefer other things..

Tch, I know. Least you're not trying to de-

Sunset: Klass...


Silence:  ... So has everyone answered ?

...Yeah, I'm assuming yes. Who wants to do the outro? Ricochet?

Ricochet: Gladly. That is it for now and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Making these chapters mean a lot to us so please, please send us more asks or dares, anything will do. Don't be afraid to send a question or dare if you have one in mind. With that, adieu.

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