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Last weekend I moved here from England with my brother Matt.

Dad and Mom dead when I was 5 and Matt was 10.

Ive wanted to go to Yale since I was 12. So we moved here and I will go to school in Upper East Side. Today is my first day of new school. I'm pretty nervous right now.

"See ya later Matt." I said

"Have fun" he said.

I walked down to school. when I got there, there are so many fashionable girls and boys. They all looked very rich.

I tried to go enter the school but I hit someone. Shit.

I dropped my bag on the ground.

"Sorry! you okay?" a boy said.

"It's fine" i said and made fake smile.

"You're new here aren't you?"

"Yea I am."

"I'm Nate." he smiled.

He seems so nice.

"I'm Mikayla." I smiled too. this time I didn't make fake smile.

"I gotta go. see you later." he run into the class.

At first I thought everyone in this school is not so nice. but it was NOT true Nate seems nice. I wish I could be his friend....

While I was thinking about him, a girl came down to me.

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